Sunday, November 6, 2011

Purrs 4 Peace - November 2011 - Thank You

This month I would like to offer heartfelt purrs of thanks and gratitude to my wonderful friends @LilyLuWhoT and family. These sweet and compassionate friends helped keep purrs 4 peace alive for many months while my family and I were dealing with issues that took us away from the internet. Their support for the purrs project and for mummy and me as friends has meant the world to us...more than we could possibly express. Thank you, thank you, thank you. *Hugging with all four paws and smothering friends with kitty kisses*

Lily and family have graciously allowed me to share some information with you. The following is in Lily's own meowed words:

"My sisfur Luna and I were adopted on Aug 9, 2007 from the MSPCA shelter in Springfield, MA. Our sisfur Cozzie had gone OTRB in June of that year and Mom & Dad were missing having a kitteh in the house. Cozzie had been an only kitteh and Mom thought this time she should adopt a pair so we'd always have company. My cage was below Luna's and Mom was drawn to both of us right away! It was love at first sight!

I was approximately 8 weeks old and Luna was approximately 5 months old when we were adopted. I love my sisfur a LOT but she is a bit of a hissy diva. Mom thinks Luna must have had a hard life on the streets before she went to the shelter so I try to be patient with her. Even if she hisses at me when I try to play with her I don't let it bother me-I always give her kisses and snuggle with her when she lets me. Luna is a beautiful black panther, don't you think? Luna and I are so lucky to have a wonderful forever home - wish every anipal was as blessed as we are.

The last thing I need to share with you is my love of the Boston Red Sox. As you can see I even have a Sox pillow I snuggle with! Between Luna being a diva and the Red Sox collapse this season I've needed my share of nip! But I'll never stop loving either of them no matter what!!!"

Lily is the gorgeous tabby and Luna is the beautious black panther. What sweet and loving sisifurs they are! And obviously they have amazing and special human parents. Their parents are purrrrfect examples of what all humans should aspire to be. 

I hope you will all follow my fabulous friend on twitter @LilyLuWhoT.

Also many thanks to all the fabulous twitter and facebook friends who have participated in the purrs. You know who you are....and mummy will catch up with adding the names here very soon. *Forgive us this week as she is getting over the flu* 


Pandafur said...

CC you duz nawt haz to tell me abowt teh sweetest kitty Lily but it sure iz nice to reed such a bewtiful tribyute to herz. Lily an Luna iz bewtifuls inside an owt & so iz you *purrr*

Lily said...

Thank you CC for inspiring @ChloeToby and me to fill in while you were away from twitter. Without you there would be no #Purrs4Peace and that would be a very sad thing indeed. Our Purrs are a simple thing that make the world a better place!

I hope your Mom feels better-sending her #HealingPurrs and lots of love! Purrr purrr purrr purrr purrr purrr