Monday, December 26, 2011

Cat Treat Monday: Elysa Hendricks and Kyle

I'm very excited today to introduce you to a lovely author, Elysa Hendricks and her  sweet fur baby. Elysa is sharing a short story she wrote about meeting Kyle.

Christmas Eve my life changed.
            The day started out about the same as the rest of the days during the last month.
            Harsh fluorescent lights sputtered reluctantly to life; revealing stark cinder block walls, bare cement floors and steel bars. Plaintive cries echoed down long, empty halls. The acrid smell of urine mingled unpleasantly with the strong odor of pine disinfectant. My bones protested as I stretched out the kinks caused by sleeping on the hard metal ledge provided in place of a proper bed.
            As far as prisons go, this one wasn't as bad as some and it was better than most: warm and dry, with three square, if bland meals a day. After spending most of the month of December on the streets of Chicago, my toes a mere half-degree away from frostbite, I almost jumped into the officer's wagon.
            Almost. Life on the inside can be iffy. Two others, who came in with me that day hadn't been seen since.
            Shortly after lunch, the cellblock door opened. I heard a brief snatch of the song I’ll Be Home For Christmas before the door clanged shut again. It had been a long time since I’d had a home, for Christmas or otherwise. Two strangers, a middle-aged woman and a teen-aged boy, walked into the room. In every cell the inmates sat up. They crowded against the bars, each crying his own sad song. One by one, the people checked them out.
            Then they were there. Right in front of me.
            This was my chance. Eagerly I arched my back and pressed my nose through the bars. I set my motor going. My whole body thrummed with the effort to be heard above the others, to be noticed. Excitement locked my vocal cords. All that came out was a strangled squeak.
            "How 'bout this one?" the woman asked.
            The boy peered at me. "He's kind of skinny," he said.
            I held my breath. The cell door swung open. His hands gripped me behind my front legs and pulled me against his chest. "You want to come home with me, Kitty?" he asked.
            Before he could change his mind I wrapped my paws around his neck and licked his chin. He grinned and nodded at the woman.
            I was going home for Christmas.

Thank you Elysa. I wish all people would consider adopting a homeless cat and bringing more love into their life. Elysa's book looks like a heartfelt romance 

Book Description: 
Race Reed doesn’t want a wife, but to save his ranch he needs a baby. To gain custody of her stepsister, Claire Jensen needs a husband, but she wants love. Wants and needs are bound to clash when they run The Baby Race. 

I hope you'll check it out and give it a try:

You should also visit Elysa at her website:

Monday, December 19, 2011

Cat Treat Monday: Cathleen Ross and Chicken

We have a fantastic cat treat this holiday week. Mum and I are pleased to introduce author, Cathleen Ross and her unusual pet. Without further ado, here's Cathleen.

I adore animals and have had plenty. This is my pet chicken named CHICKEN. I've had her since she was a pullet and she's getting used to being patted by me. I found her in a pet shop in the country with lots of other pullets. The other pullets ignored me when I squatted to look at them but she begged me to buy her by jumping up and down and looking me in the eye, so I bought her. She's very spoiled and jealous in nature. If I walk my dog she tries to attack her by flying onto the dog's head and pecking out her eyes. She gave up laying over a year ago and now just rules the front garden. She sits outside my bedroom window and wakes me up with her constant calls for food and as you can see she is getting very fat as i buy her fresh corn on the cob. I think she gets lonely sometimes as she sits by the front door and watches me write. Once I left the front door open and found her sitting at my desk waiting for me.
What a darling Chicken! I never knew they could have such personality. Thank you so much Cathleen for sharing your story.
Cathleen 's recent release is called Highlander. 

About the book: Highlander is the second of the Forbidden Fantasy stories by best-selling erotic writer, Cathleen Ross. It is a 10,000 word erotic romance set in Scotland. When Sir James Bruce conquers enemy territory, his reward is the hand of beautiful virgin, Lady Isobel McLaird. Although Isobel has no intention of marrying Sir James, he intends to change her mind by taming her to his touch. Only James has the power to save her imprisoned brother and the stubborn tenacity to win her heart. 

Mum's review: I'm a sucker for stories of gorgeous Scots in kilts, so I found Highlander a greatly enjoyable read. Highlander has a dash of the period  politics of Braveheart and a sassy heroine reminiscent of the Taming of the Shrew. Add in the flair of a contemporary voice along with a HOT romance and you have entertaining fun.

You can follow Cathleen on Twitter @CathleenRoss . You can also sample Cathleen's work on Wattpad

Monday, December 12, 2011

Cat Treat Monday: Author Edie Ramer, Belle, Rose and Sky

We are very pleased to introduce you to our guests today. Mummy just finished Edie Ramer's book Cattitude and she loved it. She said she would like to give it more than five stars on Amazon but they only allow five. 

Cattitude blurb: It's all in the Cattitude...

After Belle the cat switches bodies with a psychic on the run from a murderer, she wants her perfect cat body back instead of this furless human one. But she doesn't count on falling in love with her former owner. Or that a CEO and a beauty queen want to use up her nine lives. Now is her chance to prove anything a human can do, a cat can do better.

Edie has some adorable babies to tell you about so I'll just turn it over to her with no further ado. 

 CC said to write a few paragraphs about my fur babies. I could write a book about them, but I’ll restrain myself. The English setter came first. We’d lost Lulu, our beloved English springer spaniel a few months before, and I couldn’t stand being without another dog. We decided to go with a different breed this time to avoid comparing our new dog to Lulu. (Which didn’t work.)

After reading a half dozen books on dog breeds, we decided on an English setter. We got Sky from a rescue association. She was just under a year old. Beautiful. Super high energy. In great health. She even came with her original papers, including her vet information. (Which we really appreciated.) We knew she’d be energetic, but what we didn’t pay so much attention to was the part in her breed description that said “stubborn.” The books should say “super stubborn.” Or “makes a mule look malleable.”

But she’s a sweetheart. Great with children. Loves to be petted. Hates to be alone. Which is where the cat came in...

My husband refused to get another dog, and I’d heard that cats had a calming effect on a dog. Sky had been dropped off with all her papers at a cat kennel, so we thought she must be used to cats. We got Belle from our local humane society. The minute I brought her home, Lulu sniffed the carrier and I could just tell what she was thinking.


It took a couple of months before Belle got used to us. I quickly fell in love with her. I’d thought I was a dog person, but now I know I’m a cat person, too. It’s because of her that I wrote Cattitude. While on a break at a previous workplace, eight of us talked about what kind of animal we’d like to be if we could have our choice. The majority of my co-workers wanted to be a cat. That conversation stayed in my head and one day when Belle was purring on my lap, I wondered What if the opposite happened? What if a cat turned into a woman?

That’s when I knew I was going to write a book about a cat who changes bodies with a woman and keeps her cat attitude. I tried to give the cat in the book a different name—because she really isn’t my cat—but none fit as well as Belle.

We inherited Rose the beagle when my father-in-law died. She was 17; now she’s 19. Very old. It’s amazing because when we got her, she was obese. She could barely drag herself up the stairs. (She follows me everywhere.) Now she’s trimmed up nicely and she scampers, and I take her and Sky for long walks. Though she has arthritis and limps, she doesn’t let that stop her. My only regret is that we didn’t have her much sooner.

I’ve exceeded my few paragraphs. It’s a pleasure to be here and I’m grateful to Confucius Cat and Patricia for letting me talk about my fur babies.

Mum's Cattitude Review - Five Stars
I LOVED this book. As a cat lover, I was drawn to the tagline: Anything a human can do a cat can do better. How perfect! That's a sentiment I see my cat thinking every day. *Confucius Cat says: darn right! * In her heroine, Belle, Edie Ramer has managed to capture the feline thought process and translate it into a humorous and endearing character who charmed me from the first page. The book is often laugh out loud funny, as when Belle is considering living life as a woman instead of a cat and decides she'd rather have a hairball in her throat. Or the passages on Belle's Harry Potter obsession. I could definitely relate to those and at one point had to take a drink of water, I was laughing so hard.  The hero, Max, is loveable and relatable as well. He's so attractive and wonderful, ...well you'll have to read the book to know more. Ramer has also done a fantastic job with the relationship between Sorcha (who becomes a cat) and the little girl she grows to love. Cattitude is a must read for cat lovers...and everyone else.

You can follow Edie Ramer on Twitter @Edie Ramer and check out her other books at

Monday, December 5, 2011

Cat Treat Monday: Minna and Author Maree Anderson

Today, I am so excited to introduce a fascinating cat and her owner. I don't think I've ever met an Ocicat before. What a beauty. Take it away Minna:

Name: Minna (short for Minnaloushe, after the cat in a poem by William Butler Yeats.) I’m a purebred ocicat *buffs her claws on her Owner’s best couch cushion*

Favorite Pastime: Sleeping. Eating. Hunting for yummy things to eat that have been left out on the kitchen counter, like margarine containers (excellent to lick), cheese buns (crunchy cheesy toppings--yum), and muffins that have just come out of the oven (my favorite are banana choc-chip). Smooching my Feeder and acting all purry and adorable so my Feeder will feed me. Eating. Forgetting I’ve been fed 10 minutes after I ate. Eating. Sleeping.

Favorite Human: My Feeder. Though I must say, she is a very frustrating creature at times. I’m doing my best to train her to my exacting standards, but oh, it’s such a chore. Sometimes I have to resort to jumping on her pillow and yowling in her ear while she’s sleeping before she’ll get up and feed me. Or even scraping my claws down her bedroom windowpane if I happen to be stuck outside. Goodness. I feel tired just thinking about it. *yawns* Must have a nap....

Most embarrassing moment: When my Feeder’s sibling chose to write all about me for his school speech. I was flattered at first, until I realized it wasn’t a speech about my star-studded past as a feline cover-model and heroine of the bestselling book The Nine Emotional Lives Of Cats. No, it was a tell-all expose! All my little foibles—like the time I went hunting and brought home a delicious piece of stale Madeira cake from the neighbor’s front lawn—were revealed to a bunch of evil children. I was a laughing stock! To add insult to injury, he got a very good mark for delivering such an amusing speech. Oh, the shame..... 

BTW: Since my Owner cooks all my food specially for me so I don’t get all itchy and scratchy and lick my fur off, I guess it would be nice to give her a mention. She has published a book called The Crystal Warrior. It’s not anywhere near as fascinating as “my” book, but it’s won a writing award, and I’ve heard people say it’s not half bad. (And just between you and me, one day my Owner hopes to be famous as I am!)

Here’s a bit about my Owner’s book:

The Crystal Warrior by Maree Anderson

She’s a dancer, and the most important thing in her life right now is the success of her new dance studio. He’s an alien Crystal Warrior with one big-ass curse hanging over him. In a moment of weakness she lets him seduce her. Now they’re magically bonded and his life is in her hands. (Winner of the Romance Writers of New Zealand Clendon Award for full-length romantic manuscript.)

Chalcedony (Chalcey) has given up on men. Who’s got time for all that angsty dating crap when she’s got a new dance studio to run? Then she’s given a piece of wulfenite crystal and Lord Wulfenite, Keeper of the Shifting Sands fief, literally pops out of the crystal and plants one on her. Wulf is the man of her dreams… or at least, dressed like an ad for We Love Leather, with killer abs and delectable pectorals, he sure looks like the man of her dreams. But if there’s one thing Chalcey’s learned: If it looks too good to be true, then it sure as heck probably is too good to be true! And Wulf proves to be no exception.

Wulf doesn’t stop to wonder why he’s so attracted to Chalcedony. All he knows is he’s finally escaped from a centuries-long hell and he wants this woman – more than anything he’s wanted in his entire life. Chalcey doesn’t stand a chance. Before she realizes what’s at stake, she’s bonded with him and his life is in her hands. She knows she should walk away and leave him to his fate. No way is she planning on getting stuck with a guy who used to steal women for breeding stock! But the more she learns about Wulf and his past, the more conflicted she becomes.

Only when the Crystal Guardian’s curse threatens everything Chalcey’s worked so hard for, does she finally realize what’s truly important. But even if she can figure out how to save Wulf from his fate, it might be too late.

Confucius Cat's mummy read The Crystal Warrior and gave it five stars. The sexy alpha male hero had us hooked from the beginning and we loved the sassy heroine who tamed him (just enough). The plot unfolded at a fast page-turner pace. Can't wait for the next book in the series. 

As an aside, we just started the Nine Emotional Lives of Cats. I'm not sure I want my mummy knowing so much about what I'm thinking and feeling. ..(MOL) But she's loving it.

The Crystal Warrior by Maree Anderson available now at:

For more information, please check out Maree’s website: or: You can also follow on Twitter @MareeAnderson

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Purrs 4 Peace - December 2011 - Thank You

This month I am soooo proud and happy to present a sweet, adorable canine who has not only been a wonderful and supportive Twitter friend to Confucius Cat but also is an inspiration for helping others in this crazy would. As a side note, my sister Zelda who just passed OTRB was a ShithTzu and they are the sweetest most upbeat and happy dogs you can adopt. Anyway, here she is: Mattie.

My name is Mattie, some of you may know me as I tweet on Twitter as @MattieDog. I'm a sweet little, golden Shih Tzu who brings joy and love to everyone I meet.  My momma and dadz believe I am a reincarnated buddha because I help them recognize the truly important things in life.  I know it is my mission to see the positive in all aspects of life..sweet life, it is such a blessing. I came in to this world a little sideways - I was found wandering around the city, approximately a year old, without a care in the world.  My parents found me in an animal shelter, and it's been a joyous journey since then.  If you'd like to read the full story of my adoption you can do so here.  My days are filled with a peaceable existence where I share my family's love with my furry sister and brothers - a menagerie of adopted, mostly special needs Shih Tzu's and one crazy little Chihuahua; and once a week my momma takes me to visit children who are receiving cancer treatments.  I am very grateful for my time with the little ones, they have taught me that the spirit is a powerful thing.

That's me...MattieDog, a little dog making a big impact in this world!

What a cutie pie! Thank you so much Mattie for sharing your story and for being you. And thank you to your human parents who's generosity and compassion are to be admired. 

And my appreciation and thanks to all the cats and honorary cats around the world who Purr 4 Peace. You add the vital positive energy of love to the universe. Bravo. I bow to you all. Purrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

Monday, November 28, 2011

More Cat Treat: Author LJ Charles and Oliver Biscuit

I'm very pleased with today's CAT TREAT:   LJ Charles and her handsome cat Oliver Biscuit. You all know how partial I am to black cats and this one is clearly special. I love the little bell.  Take it away my friends. 

Oliver Biscuit came into our lives one snowy day in March. The air was crisp and filled with a gentle dusting of feathery flakes that melted as they touched the ground.
The Hubby and I shrugged into winter coats, scarves, and gloves for the trip to the humane society. We often dropped off newspapers and plastic bags so the personnel knew us and let us wander about searching through Kitty City for the perfect addition to our family, and playing with the kittens. It wasn’t until we were ready to leave that my husband peeked into the quarantine area—where they isolate newcomers until they’ve been vetted healthy.

He spotted Oliver and marched right up to kennel. After spending a few minutes petting him through the openings in the door, we inquired about his history. He’d been deserted at the Air Base. Often we have military personnel who try and find homes for their animals before they’re shipped overseas, but occasionally the shelter is too full and there’s no one on base who can take in another animal. There’s nothing they can do be leave the animal to fend for itself. I believe the Base security personnel try to collect these animals and bring them to the humane society whenever they can.

He’d been in isolation for six days so they let us spend some time with him in the adoption room. He curled up on our laps, it didn’t matter which of us held him, and purred like a truck with holes in the muffler. We immediately wanted to rescue this sweet, sweet boy, so what could we do but apply for adoption?

The Biscuit Kitty is black with green eyes, and two secret white spots on his belly—just wisps of white, barely visible, like big, fluffy snowflakes had landed on his tummy. I glanced out the window and smiled. There was no question the Fates had stepped in with the perfect kitty for us.

Oliver Biscuit has been immortalized in my Lifethread series—a Young Adult trilogy. Lifethread was my first published novel and the box Oliver Biscuit is sitting in—my first shipment of the print edition. 

What a lucky kitty to have found such a loving forever home after being abandoned....And he's a star! I do think his role in Lifethread is even bigger than my cameo in one of mummy's novels. I'm going to have to speak to her about that.

LJ has released two books you should check out. Lifethread and Creation.

Lifethread Description: 

McKenna Fin is armed, dangerous, and in love for the first time. She'll do anything to earn her humanity... except the one thing the Fate's require.

 Stuck in her senior year of high school until she earns her humanity, McKenna Fin is responsible for cutting the lifethread of demons, and protecting teens from being possessed. To celebrate her fiftieth year of apprenticeship to the Fate Atropos, McKenna is given a new responsibility, and possibly a quick way to earn her humanity—severing the lifethread of deserving humans. Her first assignment:  Nathan Quinn.

When Nathan becomes a primary demon target and gets sucked into Tartania, McKenna’s duty as a Fated priestess demands she follow. McKenna can rescue him, no problem, but then she’d have to cut his lifethread. And he’s the one and only guy she’s been attracted to since forever.

The demons consider Nathan one of their own and fight to keep him. The time limit on Nathan's life is about to run out, and McKenna has to make the decision: sever his lifethread, or battle demons, defy the Fates, and keep him for her own.

 I recently finished Lifethread and it was fabulous with an intriguing premise that was engagingly executed.   It's not a standard paranormal. The mythology behind the plot was unique and the characters were multi-dimensional. Mum gave it FIVE STARS, and I gave it five paws. All in all, Lifethread was engagingly executed. I can't wait to read the next book in the trilogy. In fact I've just started Creation and I'm hooked by the story already. 

Creation Description: A life-threatening secret.

Possession by an uninvited entity.
And the Perfect Guy has a shapeshifting demon in his family tree.
What’s a priestess to do?

I hope you'll all check out these two great books, but first leave some lovely comments for the handsome Oliver Biscuit. You can follow LJ Charles on Twitter @LucieJCharles.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Cat Treat Monday: Author Tori Scott and Blue

It's Monday morning! If you're anything like me, you need a treat. Our cat treat today is a gorgeous canine and his Mom. Take it away, my friends.

Hi! My name is Blue, and I'm a Blue Heeler owned by Tori Scott. My mom found me at a flea market when I was only four weeks old. She was so appalled that someone would try to sell a four week old puppy that she bought me and took me home with her. I've repaid her kindness many times over by protecting her and the rest of her pack, by getting so excited when she comes home that I fall all over myself trying to knock her down so I can lick her face, and by crowding her feet so I can lay under her desk when she writes (you never know when that computer might try to get her.) 

Confucius Cat note: I think the same thing about my mummy's computer. My protection method is laying on top of the keyboard. Give it a try.

I'm almost 13 years old now, but I still let strangers know they aren't welcome until Mom says they are, and I'm protecting a new generation of pups she calls grandkids. I very nearly gave my life once to protect her two youngest kids, so I'm treated like royalty and allowed to sleep by Mom's bed at night, and I follow her everywhere she goes. And best of all, she wrote a book about me that will be released in a month or so, called Blame it
on Texas. Okay, it may not be about me, exactly, but I'm in it and so is my heroic protection story; fictionalized, of course. 

While you're waiting for that one to come out, be sure to read Lone Star Justice which is set in our little country town in East Texas.

Lone Star Justice

Description of Lone Justice: Judge Madelyn Cooper never shows signs of weakness, but when a killer threatens her daughter's life, Maddie does what any mother would do.
Run to the place where her daughter will be safe. That place is Greendale, Texas. Maddie left Greendale fourteen years earlier, pregnant, broke, and without saying a word to Rand McCade. What could she say after her father killed his parents?

Rand McCade is determined to keep Greendale safe. As Sheriff, he
promised there would be no repeat of the horrible day when his parents
were murdered. Now Maddie is back, bringing trouble with
her once again. And this time, she has a daughter. His daughter.

As a psychopath sets his sights on Maddie, Rand and Maddie must figure
out who is after her, and why, before someone else ends up dead.

I'm definitely going to be on looking for you in Blame it on Texas and Lone Star Justice sounds exciting. Thanks so much my friends for sharing your story.

You can follow Tori on Twitter @ToriScott2 and visit her blog at

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Confucius Cat says...

One good lick deserves another.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Cat Treat: Author Trisha Wilson and her fur baby Snickers.

Confucius Cat's treat for today: Two guests - Author Trisha Wilson and her ADORABLE fur baby. Give a warm *four paws clapping* welcome to them both. 

"My baby, Snickers, is a 2 year old Chihuahua and spoiled rotten! I have had him since he was 2 months old, and I wouldn't trade him for anything in this world! He absolutely loves chicken, his favorite food. He also enjoys playing catch with his various balls, and he gets upset with me if I throw it too high where he can't catch it. So upset, in fact, that he will pout for a while before he brings it back to me, going so far as turning his back to me and laying down, holding the ball in his mouth.

If I have been typing away at the computer for a long time, he will watch me, waiting. As soon as he sees me take my hands off the keyboard for a single second, he jumps up in my lap, usually bumping his head on the keyboard drawer on his way up, but that never seems to faze him. Once he gets in my lap, he curls up in such a way so he can lay his head on my shoulder, wanting to "cuddle". When he does that, I realize I've ignored him for too long so I take a break from writing and play with him for a bit.

Snickers always cracks me up over something... no matter how small it is. For instance, just the other day, he was going for a ride with us. My mom was sitting in the passenger seat holding him in her lap, and he got into a sneezing fit. He tried his best to get over in my lap, holding his nose up in my face, wanting me to "look up his nostrils" to find out what was causing it. He continued doing this until I finally got to a stop sign and was able to do as he wanted. Even though, I couldn't see anything, it still made him happy and he stayed on the passenger side the rest of the trip, enjoying the scenery. A few other times, when the television would be on and a Snickers candy bar commercial happened to come on. No matter what he would be doing, he would stop, walk over to the TV, cock his head to one side and stare at it. It seemed to me like he was trying to say, "I'm right here! What do you want?" He definitely knows his name, ha!

Snickers is also very protective of us, especially me. When we have company, no matter who it is, I always pick him up and hold him until they get in the door. After he calms down from the excitement, I put him down. However, a few times, if the visitor comes up to me like they're going to hug me... that's a no-no - Snickers won't have any part of that. I think in his mind, he believes they're going to hurt me. He'll start growling at them, and if they don't take the hint he'll try to snap at them. He's not going to let anyone hurt his "mommy"! :) Or, a couple of times I have been sick, and he'll go to my mom, wherever she is, and bark at her until she comes to see about me. One instance of him being protective of my mom: she can't do much but she enjoys walking to the mailbox every day & always takes him with her. One particular day, she wasn't feeling too well but she still went. She fell coming back to the house and dropped Snickers' leash. She told me that she had been afraid he would run off--it hadn't been long since we'd moved here. But, he didn't. He stayed right by her side, watching her, and trying to "help" her get up. After I found this out, I told Snickers that next time if something like that happened, he needed to come to the door and bark at me, so I can go help. He licked my nose, like he understood. Luckily though, that hasn't happened again.

That's a little about my baby. Did I mention he's spoiled rotten? :-D"

Confucius Cat says: That Snickers is an adorable bundle of personality...even if he is a canine.

Trisha's first book release is "An Unforgettable Christmas", which is a (clean) contemporary romance. Chelsea Roberts is facing her first Christmas alone. She has her best friends, but it still isn't the same. Will an unexpected family connection bring a smile to her face again?
Nick Collins is facing the challenges of being an unexpected single father to a newborn. He has a big family, but is still lonely.
Can Chelsea let someone get close enough to love her through her sadness? Will Nick be able to trust someone enough to get close to himself and Jasmine?
Through a lot of tears and laughter, with the help of close friends and family, take the journey with Chelsea and Nick as they experience an unforgettable Christmas.

You can follow Trisha on Twitter @Trish73179 

Trisha is also on Wattpad which is a great place to sample fiction:

It looks like a great book, especially fun in this holiday season. I hope all of Confucius Cat's friends will support the work of such a sweet animal lover. 

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Confucius Cat says

The cat grass is always greener on the other cat’s windowsill.

*This is our new cousin E. Gordon Kitty. He has a great new home so he doesn't have to envy my "catgrass" anymore.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Purrs 4 Peace - November 2011 - Thank You

This month I would like to offer heartfelt purrs of thanks and gratitude to my wonderful friends @LilyLuWhoT and family. These sweet and compassionate friends helped keep purrs 4 peace alive for many months while my family and I were dealing with issues that took us away from the internet. Their support for the purrs project and for mummy and me as friends has meant the world to us...more than we could possibly express. Thank you, thank you, thank you. *Hugging with all four paws and smothering friends with kitty kisses*

Lily and family have graciously allowed me to share some information with you. The following is in Lily's own meowed words:

"My sisfur Luna and I were adopted on Aug 9, 2007 from the MSPCA shelter in Springfield, MA. Our sisfur Cozzie had gone OTRB in June of that year and Mom & Dad were missing having a kitteh in the house. Cozzie had been an only kitteh and Mom thought this time she should adopt a pair so we'd always have company. My cage was below Luna's and Mom was drawn to both of us right away! It was love at first sight!

I was approximately 8 weeks old and Luna was approximately 5 months old when we were adopted. I love my sisfur a LOT but she is a bit of a hissy diva. Mom thinks Luna must have had a hard life on the streets before she went to the shelter so I try to be patient with her. Even if she hisses at me when I try to play with her I don't let it bother me-I always give her kisses and snuggle with her when she lets me. Luna is a beautiful black panther, don't you think? Luna and I are so lucky to have a wonderful forever home - wish every anipal was as blessed as we are.

The last thing I need to share with you is my love of the Boston Red Sox. As you can see I even have a Sox pillow I snuggle with! Between Luna being a diva and the Red Sox collapse this season I've needed my share of nip! But I'll never stop loving either of them no matter what!!!"

Lily is the gorgeous tabby and Luna is the beautious black panther. What sweet and loving sisifurs they are! And obviously they have amazing and special human parents. Their parents are purrrrfect examples of what all humans should aspire to be. 

I hope you will all follow my fabulous friend on twitter @LilyLuWhoT.

Also many thanks to all the fabulous twitter and facebook friends who have participated in the purrs. You know who you are....and mummy will catch up with adding the names here very soon. *Forgive us this week as she is getting over the flu* 

Monday, October 24, 2011

A Pretty Purr........


A pretty purr.... is like a melody. And I feel an opera coming on!

Getting ready for the next Purrs 4 Peace on November 6th.

Monday, October 17, 2011

WOOHOO!: My Twitter and FB friends are STARS!

Confucius Cat says: friendship is like go bask in some friendship today.

What a fantastic weekend. So many twitter friends helped mummy raise money for a fabulous animal shelter through the sales of her new novel ENTANGLEMENTS. She sold 57 ebooks at 99 cents each. That comes to $19.95 in author proceeds and with the match and mummy rounding up, she's donating $40 to the pawpawty charity. WOOHOO! 

On top of that, many friends said they had started the book and were enjoying it. Yay! Mum always loves to hear her work is worthwhile. Hopefully, the word will spread and even more people will enjoy the book. Then when she does a charity fundraiser with the next book, she'll be able to give even more. 

THANK YOU ALL! My friends are the best, most generous and compassionate in the world. *four paws hugging along with slobbery kitty kisses.*