Monday, October 17, 2011

WOOHOO!: My Twitter and FB friends are STARS!

Confucius Cat says: friendship is like go bask in some friendship today.

What a fantastic weekend. So many twitter friends helped mummy raise money for a fabulous animal shelter through the sales of her new novel ENTANGLEMENTS. She sold 57 ebooks at 99 cents each. That comes to $19.95 in author proceeds and with the match and mummy rounding up, she's donating $40 to the pawpawty charity. WOOHOO! 

On top of that, many friends said they had started the book and were enjoying it. Yay! Mum always loves to hear her work is worthwhile. Hopefully, the word will spread and even more people will enjoy the book. Then when she does a charity fundraiser with the next book, she'll be able to give even more. 

THANK YOU ALL! My friends are the best, most generous and compassionate in the world. *four paws hugging along with slobbery kitty kisses.*


Mariodacat said...

Congratulations to mom CC. M started the book, and she's enjoying it. She doesn't even like Scifi either, but this one is good.

Confucius Cat said...

Thank you my friend. I am happy your M is enjoying it. Smooches.

Anonymous said...

Thats pawsome CC. You are amazing friend Xoxoxo purrrrs