Sunday, October 2, 2011

Purrs 4 Peace - October 2011 - Thank You

My deepest thanks and appreciation go to my lovely friends, Lori Jacobus, her cats Chloe and Toby as well as her entire family. Lori and her cats who tweet on Twitter as @ChloeToby have been a godsend to the purrs. They continued on with purrs 4 peace while my family and I were away from twitter for some months. The kindness of their hearts and their generosity of spirit are an example to all. They have added a surge of love and peace into the universe that our world sorely needs.

Lori says that Chloe (The beauty in the bottom photo) came into our family at a stressful time, when they were losing their first cat, of 17 years, Kaz, to cancer. Chloe is very gentle and settled into the household by friending everyone. Chloe was about 6 months old by the time she found her forever home. Lori says that Chloe even brought happiness to Kaz bringing "some life to the old guy" for the six months before he passed away.

Toby (the handsome black cat in the top photo) is 3rd in the family's "brood of four". Lori says he came into the family as noisily as Chloe did gently. He, at about five weeks old, was up for adoption at a local Petsmart. They weren't looking for a kitten, until they got there on adoption day and heard Toby yelling and yelling. Lori says "I started looking at kittens. I saw him, he was tiny, being held in a washcloth. We kept looking around, but when he yelled, you could hear it through the whole store. And that was it. I wanted a cat that would talk, and he was yelling!"  

A big thank you nosebump and lotsa kitty kisses to Lori and family. You are all very much appreciated.
Bravo and thank you to all the Purrs 4 Peace purrrrrticipants who include:
@Chloetoby; Rumpy T. Drummond
; Chunks Mather; Ariel Bosley; Will Appleby; Jenny Threet; Julie Gallup Yakes; Arsène Le Pépère; Katherine Owens Bosley; Louis Cat; Betsy Gunderson; Mara Beštija; Georgie Laidler-Brown; Patrizia Anzani; Jitka Vavreckova
; Caroline Ashall; Sue Hamilton; Sir-Darth Meow Mow; Sasha Goldsmith; Serena Toxicat; Aimee Vinciguerra; Christine Harris; Jennifer Bolgar; Zoe Lindquist; Róisín Ní Shé; Jerry Lynn; Diana Højstrup Andersen; 

Brian Frum; Vicki Patino; 
Hale Feruzoglu; Katie Starr; Wendy Morland; Nina Mander; Leslie Ann Ellis; Beth Hellings; JC Conradsen; Polly Winch; Betty Pouncey; Melanie Kaufman; Bill Koukmenides; Traesa Santori-santori; Ella N Leo; Jobi Harris; One-Eye Hynes; Elvis Fleksnes; Simone Purrington; Ollie Nomwell Meowir; Da Puttytats G; Rocky Chester; Daniele Moore; Ayda Meisami; Susan Bush; Kincess Ces; Trizia Norris; Sally King; Boomer Burk; Feria Chan; Bob DeTomaat; Cesar Dennis; Mandy Kitkatandbabycat-Melo Ristow; Spunky Man Laidler; Sirikit Purr; Mario Roever
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Brian said...

Bravo my friend and I am glad you are back!

Mariodacat said...

Excellent post friend. So happy you are back. Next week I should be at purrs4peace (glaring at M).

dangerkitty said...

I missed Purrs for Peace this week, but I'm so glad you're back!

Kat said...

Toby and Chloe are both such stunning looking felines! And it sounds as though they are both making their personalities known! More power to them both!