Thursday, January 7, 2010

Purrs 4 Peace Week 31 Announcement: Fur is for Animals not for Fashion

Photo credit: Ryan Hagerty/US Fish and Wildlife Services

No one in the world needs a mink coat but a mink. ~Murray Banks

Fur farms around the world subject, raccoons, dogs, rabbits, foxes, mink and other animals to cruel lives spent in wire cages only to die of inhumane neck-breaking or electrocution. Some video from china shows animals, including dogs, being skinned alive.

Each year over 50 million animals each year are slaughtered for their fur…for the sake of some person somewhere to feel they “look” good. There can be nothing more infuriatingly narcissistic. Can you imagine believing that your appearance gives you the right to inflict unimaginable suffering on another being?

Buying fur and fur trimmed items also results in the killing of dogs and cats. Most dog and cat victims are killed in Asia and their fur exported worldwide. While the U.S. bans the sale of dog and cat fur, it still slips into this country on unlabled or falsely labled items.
However, many dogs and cats- along with wild animals- are killed accidentally in indiscriminately placed traps.

Again…as with many of the issues on which we have purred…the sources of this cruelty is ultimately greed. Therefore, we must appeal to that greed…if nothing else… and refuse to buy products from Asia, most critically those with fur or fur trim.

Week 31 of Purrs 4 Peace details are as follows:
• Week thirty-one’s appointed time is Sunday, January 10, 2010.
• Participants should purr for three minutes commencing at 3 p.m. EST (U.S.) which is 8:00 p.m. (20:00 hrs.) GMT in the U.K.
• The cat’s human staff should assist their cats with the project by stroking and nuzzling the cat at the appointed time.
• Please post your cat name and the country you purr in at as a COMMENT if you are participating in this historic project. (posting a link to your own website-if you have one-is encouraged.) Or let me know by message on twitter or facebook.
• Posting purrs on facebook ( Acolytes of Confucius Cat or as friend to Alley Mason) and twitter (@ConfuciusCat) is encouraged, since it inspires purring in others, but not required. On twitter please use #purrs4peace in your tweets.

This week we purr to end the slaughter. We purr for life happily and safely lived for all animals. We purr for the spread of compassion. We purr for the triumph of PEACE.


Anonymous said...

I totally agree. I would NEVER wear a fur. I always buy faux. But, he's where people think I'm wrong in saying that. My husband is a hunter. BUT, we eat what he gets, and it's not like he does it for the trophy of it. We harvest our deer. Alot of people, hate hunters and we hate the ones that just do it for fun and don't actually harvest they're deer. They just want it for the antlers or whatever. He has made satchel bags with the fur. I worked with a girl who stated she was a vegan and that I was a monster for eating meat, but I sure did love her leather boots and purse! I have no problem with vegans or vegetarians, everyone is entitled to their own. I have family members who are! But, people like the girl I worked with are just plain ignorant. But like your post states, it's sad that these animals are treated so inhumanely. Well, I think I ranted enough. Hope you all have a great weekend.

Mariodacat said...

Thanks for another enlightening subject. M won't buy anything with fur on it - never has, never will. We didn't realize this was still happening. Definately, the word needs to get out.

Rosie PosieTom said...

I can't believe people still wear real fur! Imbeciles.

I'll be purring - in my Mum's faux fur coat.

Anya said...

My Mommy does NOT wear real fur
NEVER ....

Kareltje =^.^=

Brian's Home Blog said...

We will be there purring my friend!

Cindy said...

I agree. Sometimes I get so sad and depressed when I really the content of some of your posts.
Makes one think.

HubbleSpacePaws said...

Pragmatically speaking, the kittehs we love are carnivores and, to feed them, we indirectly take other animal's lives. Many of us are omnivores and consume meat, too.

Since we do take lives in order to continue ours, it is our very real responsibility to discourage inhumane practices regarding any creatures, especially for a reason as frivolous as fashion. We'll be purring, Confucius!

Rumpy Drummond- Talk to the Dog said...

Hi Kool Kittie Krew! I am a vegan, but I'm not one of those vegan hipsters. I don't eat animal products. I do wear leather shoes that I purchased before going vegan, but I don't buy anything now that's made from animals, even in the second-hand stores (which is where I do most of my shopping). I care for quite a few animals who must have the nutrients found in meat. I do buy them commerically prepared animal foods. I wish I could afford the less cruel stuff, but I can't. And I don't have a beef with hunters who kill to eat and harvest their kill. But there's a big difference in killing a deer who has enjoyed a life of freedom and slaughtering an animal that has been crammed in cages or fences living in its own filth and having no quality of life at all. In this world we kill billions of animals each year because humans are selfish,greedy and lazy. And that is simply unacceptable.

Fambly kittens said...

Asia - China - Korea - Viet Nam - Thailand - and the list goes on and on and on. Historically those countries have been inhumane to companion animals and it continues today. They eat cats and dogs in restaurants. They raise dogs and cats for their fur. They kill tigers. They drain bears of the bile in their pancreas for some weird medicinal purpose. They are taking the lives of elephants for their tusks at an alarming rate. Sadly, and I know this is damning a whole population - I have no use for anything Asian. Even when it comes to their own citizens they are cruel.

I am someone who always tries to be fair, but those countries and their populations could fall into the oceans of our world and I would dance the dance of joy.

(No flames, please)