Sunday, April 11, 2010

Purrs 4 Peace Week 43: I HAVE A DREAM...

"I could not have slept tonight if I had left that helpless little creature to perish on the ground." (Reply to friends who chided him for delaying them by stopping to return a fledgling to its nest.) ~ Abraham Lincoln, Sixteenth President of the United States

It can be difficult to know what to do if we see an animal locked in a car on a hot day...even if the window is cracked it is torturously hot inside. If you see a dog, cat or other animal in a car and in distress, take down the car’s color, model, make and license-plate number. While keeping an eye on the animal, have the owner paged inside nearby buildings. If you have a camera or cell phone camera, take a picture. Call the police. If the police are unresponsive or too slow and the animal’s life appears to be in imminent danger, take steps to remove the animal from the car and then wait for authorities to arrive. In addition PETA has fliers on the dangers of heatstroke that you can leave on windshields.

Sins of heatstroke include restlessness, excessive thirst, heavy panting, lethargy, dark tongue, rapid pulse, fever, vomiting, glazed eyes, lack of coordination. To lower body temperature gradually, give the animal water to drink, place a cold towel or ice pack on the head, neck and chest, and/or immerse the animal in cool (not cold) water. Call a veterinarian.

I HAVE A DREAM...that there will be no animals will perish in parked cars this year. Let's purr to make my dream a reality

2:59 p.m. Get ready to Purrrrrrrr.


3:00 p.m.

Confucius Cat say: GO!

Purrrrr, purrrr, purrrrr,

Purrrrr, purrrr, purrrrr, purrrrr, purrrr, purrrr, purrrrr, purrrr, purrrrr, purrrr, purrrrr, purrrrr, purrrr, purrrr, See your purrs as a perfect expression of love, compassion and care for all animals. #purrs4peace

See your purrs penetrate every heart and mind. See the love and compassion in you spreading to every human. #purrs4peace

Purrrrr, purrrr, purrrrr, purrrrr, See the light of understanding, knowledge, insight and common sense grow inside each person. #purrs4peace.

See every human realizing the cruelty of leaving animals, who love and trust them, to suffer heatstroke in parked cars. #purrs4peace

Purrrrr, purrrr, purrrrr, purrrrr, See neglect turn to caring, see selfishness turn to empathy, see ignorance turn to understanding. #purrs4peace

Purrrrrrr....See every animal blessed with a loving, safe, and nurturing home. #purrs4peace

Peace * Paix * Frieden * Vrede * Pace * Fred* Paz * Shalom * Salaam * Om Shanti * Heddwch * Síochán * 和平 #purrs4peace


Brian's Home Blog said...

We're purring!

Mariodacat said...

M witnessed that situation last summer on a very hot day. She noticed a doggie in the car barking. No one around. M just sat there and waited to see if someone would ever come out. They finally did, and M walked up to the man and told him it was cruel to leave his doggie in a parked car in the summer. Leave him at home! The man kind of looked at mom and turned and walked away.