Sunday, June 13, 2010

Purrs 4 Peace Week 50: Homes for Shelter Animals

“Life is life - whether in a cat, or dog or man. There is no difference there between a cat or a man. The idea of difference is a human conception for man's own advantage.” ~Sri Aurobindo

Each year 6 to 8 MILLION cats and dogs are cared for in animal shelters in the United States alone. An even more horrific statistic is that 3 to 4 million of these are euthanized because no homes can be found for them.

One huge factor behind this abominable number of homeless furry babies is the failure of our society to implement spay and neuter of pets so that the birth of puppies and kittens is planned rather than accidental. Spring is the time when one sees so many tiny kittens struggling to survive on the streets. The lucky ones find homes directly or at least are rescued to shelters where they are up for adoption. It is really heartbreaking when one finds them too late.

And recently the poor economic conditions have rendered not only people but animals homeless. Many animals are being given up by their families because they cannot afford to care for them or because they themselves have lost their homes and cannot keep them. Worse. Some animals are given up by their families because they find them inconvenient of no longer fun. My mummy is horrified each year when with the graduating class at our local college there is a wave of newly homeless animals as the students who move away and on with their lives leave behind the tiny hopeless animals who loved them for four years. How they can do this....well, they must be lacking some element of real soul.

So today we purr for the homeless shelter animals. We purr that they find homes filled with love and care and safety....because every cat and dog deserve to be loved.

Purrrrr, purrrr, purrrrr, purrrrr, purrrr, purrrr, purrrrr, purrrr, purrrrr, purrrr, purrrrr... Inside you love and compassion grows as the lava builds inside the volcano. Molten love and compassion flowing through you and then into the universe. #purrs4peace

Purrrrr, purrrr, purrrr, purrrrr, purrrr, purrrrr, purrrr, purrrrr, purrrrr, purrrr, Purring.... See that love and compassion touching each and every suffering animal, soothing their pain, comforting their fears. #purrs4peace

Purrrrrrrrrrrrrr. With your purrs speak to the hearts of all who are meant to provide homes. Your purrs are leading and guiding them to find their homeless furry children. #purrs4peace

Purrrr, purrrrr, purrrr, purrrrr, purrrr, purrrrr, purrrrr, purrrr, purrrr,

Purrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. Imagine every cat and dog living in a loving, safe and nurturing home. #purrs4peace

Purrrrr, purrrr, purrrrr, purrrr, purrrrr, purrrrr, purrrr, purrrr, purrrrr, purrrr, ........... purr compassion, purr protection, purr safety, purr adoption, purr belonging, purr love, purr peace. #purrs4peace

Peace * Paix * Frieden * Vrede * Pace * Fred* Paz * Shalom * Salaam * Om Shanti * Heddwch * Síochán * 和平

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