Sunday, February 5, 2012

Purrs 4 Peace - February 2012 - Thank You

This month I'd like to extend my heart-felt gratitude and appreciation to a devoted supporter of Purrs 4 Peace. A mighty purrrrrrrr warrior who has helped mightily to inject love and compassion into the universe. So without further ado, here's @ShaynaCat

"So far I'm an only fur-child - I would love a sisfur, but Mom insists she's far too busy to take on any more responsibility at the moment. I chose my Mom because I thought she looked like the kind of human who wouldn't chase away a crying kitten from her doorstep in a rainstorm, and also that her long hair would be fun to play with - and I'm glad to say that I was right on both counts.

I'm the first kitty she's belonged to, so she still needs lots of training, but she tries hard and is making quite good progress. I think I can make her into a fairly decent human if I just keep working on it.

I like to start the day by grooming her. I generally start by washing her face with my tongue, then I get behind her on the pillow and start combing her hair with my claws. She shows her appreciation by making a very high-pitched squealing sound and jumping out of bed.

We have breakfast together – at least, I have breakfast while she drinks coffee. Lots of coffee. After that, I go searching for a sun-puddle to nap in while Mom fires up the laptop.

She makes her living on the Internet, so her office is at home, and if she spends too long working on her own stuff when she should be typing out my tweets or helping with my Zazzle store I can easily reclaim her attention by jumping on her desk and walking straight across the keyboard. That always works!

We live out in the country, and although I'm mainly an indoor kitty I love to explore the riverbank and woods close to the house. This time of year there are lots of spring flowers hidden among the trees, and I sometimes think that I'm the only one who ever sees them.
There are quite a few trees lying on the ground after the big storms a couple months back, so there's always something interesting to climb on!

During the winter we have fieldfares and other Scandinavian birds taking shelter with us. At the moment there are a lot of blackbirds singing in the woods, and this morning I was watching a woodpecker drilling a hole in an enormous tree, really high up. We got a lake close by, too, with lots of swans and geese, as well as ducks, coots and all sorts of other water birds.

I only go there in good weather, 'cos I hate to get my paws all cold and muddy, and I make sure I'm home before dark, 'cos there are some scary-sounding critters out there. We often hear owls calling and foxes barking, and then I snuggle close to Mom and purr to let her know I'm glad I'm safe and warm inside!

I have a tortie friend called Shelley, who lives next door. We often play together in the garden, or just hang out in sun-puddles when the weather's fine.

I know that I'm a very lucky kitty to be living in such a beautiful place, with someone who loves me, a good friend next door, and lots and lots of pawesome friends online.

I'd love for efurry anipal and human to live in peace and happiness, with a roof above their head, as much as they want to nom in their bowl or on their plate, pleasant folks to live among, who don't judge them for their species or the color of their fur, and someone to love and snuggle with, especially when it's cold!

That's why I so much love taking part in #purrs4peace each week, 'cos I believe the harder we all purr for it, the sooner it'll happen.


What a sweet, adorable kitty with a marvelous human mummy. Thank you, sweet friends. I hope 2012 brings every possible blessing to you and your family. Purrrrrrrrrrr. 

Bravo and thank you to all who purrrticipated this week. You are much appreciated and loved. 


Lily said...

Shayna you're a pawsome furiend & a great purrer! Sounds like you live in paradise - all that wildlife around you! You did choose the purrfect Mom for you-I'm so happy you found her! Love you sweet Shayna! ((HUGS))

Shayna said...

Thank you very much indeed for the kind words and good wishes, and for the privilege of being featured on your site. You, @LilyLuWhoT and @ChloeToby do a wonderful job with #Purrs4Peace, and it's great to see more anipals joining in each week - the world can never have too many #Purrs4Peace ! :-)

Shayna said...

Thanks very much for the lovely compliments, Lily - yes, it really is a lovely place, and when I find a nice sun-puddle beside the river I can't think of anywhere I'd rather be!

I'm glad you like my Mom - for someone who's never belonged to a kitty before, she doesn't do too badly, and she loves it when I give her some encouragement by snuggling & purring to her.

Thanks so much for your friendship - love you, too! *hugs*

Mariodacatsmom said...

Shayna - good intervooo. It was so fun learning more about you. I've got to get M to re-arrange her schedule so I can come back to Purrs4peace again too.