Monday, January 30, 2012

Cat Treat Monday: Lisa Mondello and Nike

Today we have a fabulous Cat Treat: Lisa Mondello and her adorable beagle, Nike. I can't wait for you to hear about their big, loving  family. Here's Lisa:

"I've had dogs and cats as pets my entire life, so being without one seemed a bit odd to me after my husband and I got married. But since we started out in an apartment (nearly 21 years ago), we had cats because that was all that was allowed.  It wasn't until my two daughters were very little and my husband and I became guardians to my niece and nephew (all 4 kids just a little over 3 years apart oldest to youngest) that we decided life just wasn't complete without a dog to add to the chaos.  Yes, with 4 kids then ages 7-10, a puppy was going to make life oh, so-much-more special.  And crazy.  And Nike did. Especially with my mix of cats running around, looking at me as if I was a traitor for bringing this loud-mouthed hound into the house.
I could talk all day about my cats, because over the years I've had (and still have) a few of them.  They have magnificent personalities.  But Nike is king.  At least he thinks so.  Although he's now 10 years old, he's hasn't quite figured out that the cats can kick his butt.  I think they let him think he holds rank and yet I know he wouldn't dare go near the water bowl if my eldest cat, Keturah (18 years old) was sitting there presiding over it. 
We decided to get Nike at 9 months old when the kids were small because he needed a home, just like my niece and nephew did.  They had that in common.  And Nike is a snuggler.  Why snuggle up in bed with a stuffed animal when you can have a warm beagle?  When the kids were young, Nike used to make the rounds at night.  I'd hear his paws on the floor as he went from one room to the next, just to check on his kids. A half hour later he would move on to the next child until he eventually ended up at the foot of my bed.  To this day Nike makes his nightly rounds."

Awwwwww. So sweet. I love the idea of Nike checking on his human family at night. What a little darling! Lisa has written a wonderful book with a gorgeous cover. 


Sometimes fate needs a little help…

Jonah Wallace knows what it’s like to grow up without love. Despite having more money than the Queen of England, his childhood was cold and stale as he grew up in boarding schools. He’s dedicated his life to helping homeless and displaced children find the love and support they need by creating the Haven House Foundation, work that resulted in him being Knighted by the Queen.

Now that he’s living in America, his work is going along just fine…until his grandfather gives fate a little nudge by insisting he take a wife before he can inherit.

Coffee shop owner, Maggie Bonelli, is pregnant and the baby’s dad has gone AWOL. She knows too well the pain of growing up without a daddy. So when Jonah Wallace comes into her shop proposing marriage for a year, she takes him up on his offer, even if it’s only for a year. Live in a mansion and give her baby a name and a daddy to call his/her own. But can they keep their perfect arraignment strictly business…or will fate’s helping hand bring them love at last?


Christy Hayes said...

Love your little Nike! What a gentleman he is to check on all the kids before going to bed. Thanks for sharing his story and your book sounds great!

K.E. Saxon, Author said...

Pets are the best. What a sweetie pie Nike is (and a worrier, too). Did you name him after the greek goddess of victory or the famous running shoe?

Diana Layne said...

The Knight and Maggie's Baby looks terrific! And Nike sounds wonderful. I'm such a dog person. I've always had both dogs and cats (and rodents and lizards and snakes) but as I get older I seem to be gravitating more toward dogs. I can see it now, the neighborhood kids referring to me as the crazy writer dog lady, lol.

Lisa Mondello said...

Thanks for stopping by and checking out my Nike story. To answer your question, K.E., I didn't name him at all. He came with the name. I'm assuming his previous masters named him after the shoe. But who knows.

Chisty, yes, he's such a gentleman. Although he loves to be a little bit of a rebel rouser with the cats...just for fun.

Diana, I'm a dog person too. My kids want to get more dogs. My whole life I've picked up strays or animals in need of a home. When the kids bring home a kitten or see a sign for an animal needing a home they always plead with me. But I have to turn my head and not even look at the picture or I'll cave. The house is too small as it is!

Alicia Street said...

Nike sounds like a wonderful friend! I grew up in a big family and we always had a dog and a few cats. Living in city apartments has lately limited me to cats, but I'm a sucker for any furry creature.

I loved your xmas story, Lisa, and Knight is in my kindle queue. Can't wait!

Lisa Mondello said...

Thanks so much Alicia!

Carol said...

How sweet that Nike checks on the kids before settling down with you! Such a wonderful pet to have around the house. The Knight and Maggie's Baby sounds like a great read. Going now to check it out!

Linda Andrews said...

What a sweetheart Nike is, checking on his pack. Who named him?

Vijaya Schartz said...

What an adorable dog.
I'm a cat person, but Nike is such a sweetie pie.