Thursday, June 14, 2012

I'm a Published Author

For a number of years, I've been active in this blog, and on twitter, imparting my sage pronouncements from on high. Now I'm a literary 
giant with the release of a new book. 

And as a treat for all my friends: IT'S FREE TODAY AS AN EBOOK AT AMAZON

Here's what the product description says: 

Translated from the original Catspeak, Confucius Cat says, is a hilarious and profound collection of the advice and observations of the wise and wonderful feline philosopher. 

Praise for Confucius Cat Says...
"A purrrrfect book for anyone who loves to laugh."
- Ravenous Readers
"Hilariously funny and wise. A must-read book..."
-Wanda Wienen Kruse
Book Reviewer

Confucius Cat knows all and has generously agreed to impart his wisdom to the world in this compendium of his best advice and observations.

More Praise

 "If you're a cat lover, buy this book."
Book Reviewer

"Fun, quirky cute book for cat lovers everywhere."
Busy Happy Mom
Book Reviewer

I hope you'll check it out while it's FREE. 

Also FREE today is mummy's book FATED HEARTS which is a paranormal romance novella. But enough about that. It's ME we should be focusing on. 

Go download "Confucius Cat Says..." The most important book of our generation!


Pandafur said...

meowza i did win a kindle so I iz going to reed yere book! Thanks you CC! *purrrrr*

Brian said...

That is so wonderful, congrats! We are proudmof you!

Anonymous said...

Oh my, congratulations on your new book! It’s definitely a must read! You truly are on the next level or chapter of your life. You are now a certified pawesome philosopher and writer! Great job! Anyway, I wish you all the success especially on the launching of your great great accomplishment. Keep it up!

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pilch92 said...

I just read your book and loved it. I saw you had a blog and I was disappointed to see you haven't been writing in a while.

Unknown said...

Your thoughts are so deep Confucius Cat! Congratulations on your new book. Keep it up! I love it.

My Website:

Unknown said...

Your thoughts are so deep Confucius Cat! Congratulations on your new book. Keep it up! I love it.

My Website:

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