Sunday, July 5, 2009

Purrs 4 Peace: Week 4 Thanks

3:03 p.m. Stop purring. 

I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your purrs. The list of purrticipants is growing fast and long, please forgive me if I have somehow missed your name (or worse... misspelled it). Let me know, however, since I want to thank you personally:  

Many thanks and much love to the following: 

Mogliavelli Lickorish in Hereford (U.K.); Bas Tet Sab;  Carlzy Hutchings in London (U.K.); Feria Chan in Hong Kong (China); Mara Beštija and her family in Serbia; Luke Screenwalker in Iowa (U.S.); Neko Blue Russian in Venezuela; Mousie Kitteh in Hamilton (New Zealand); PersianKittyCat in Australia; Kant De BoisleDuc in Canada; Kitkat in South Africa; Emacs G in Utah (U.S.); Stella and Virgil in Denver (U.S.); Shenaenae Reilly Portland, Oregon (U.S.); Joey Fritsch in Minnesota (U.S.), Lisa Monzon’s cats in Colorado (U.S.); The Island Cats in Michigan (U.S.); Four Kitties from the Our family cat blog in Michigan (U.S.); Sanjee and the rest of the Hotties in the U.S.; Figaro the therapy cat in Indiana (U.S.); Dominik Tanguay (honorary cat) in Montreal (Canada); Connie Pitts family in the California and Arizona(U.S.); Funnybunny in the U.S.; Busby (Bee Chilly and Tiki Tallulah Belle in the U.S.; Kirsten Chappell’s cats Oscar and Dolly (@bdgrlaw) in Wash D.C. (U.S.); MedusaJ in Liverpool, (U.K.); Orpheus Rochester, NY (U.S.); Bec Thompson’s 4 cats in Sydney (Australia); Ladycat3 in Wisconsin (U.S.); Indy the Tiger in N. California (U.S.); Loki (@orangecatblue); Mozart Dane (honorary cat) in Ohio (U.S.); Hans (@hanseebundee)(honorary cat); Norwood (@norwoodsworld) (honorary cat) in Maine (U.S.); Donna Thompson (@beaglelover1200) in Delaware U.S.); Mac and Fuzcat in Missouri (U.S.); Bruce the cat in Florida (U.S.); Gabby’s cats West Coast (U.S.);George Crow in London (U.K.), Talley Martin in Wisconsin (U.S.) ;The cats of Mary La Ferlita in Italy (Orsetta& Linda), Diamond and Saphire in Minnesota (U.S.); Mew McKay in Canada; Renoir Fausti Vallerignani in Italy; Arsène Le Pépère in France; Campbell Chat-Pouik in France; Marie-Cat Harbec; Fernando Guisti in Italy; Liz Toms in Michigan (U.S.);Willi Mccluney in Canada; Pughy in Castleford (U.K.); Miss Peach in Washington State (U.S.); Emmythecat in the U.K.; Zelda the Lab (honorary cat) in Virginia (U.S.); Soile Suntinen, Finland; Sam and Andy from the I love Cats blog;@ownedbyacat in the U.S.; kutie cat in the Phillipines.

Thanks and love to the new purrticipants this week:

Maurice and Kajsa in Sweden;@katieboocat; DauDing Meow Meow in Hong Kong; The Duck (honorary cat) who is at large in the world; Taz, Runt and Charles in Illinois; @GarfieldNZ (New Zealand); @DeusExMachina1 (In the Machine); Trilla Kittain (Kansas City, MO); Julie Gallup Yakes (Minnesota);@Lorenzothecat @Mizzbassie (United States)Terri Craig (Ontario, Canada); Grace Kalish (Australia) Sandon Seigel (U.S.); @CheshireK @Lorenzothecat @LeoAhmed and @SharlxoGato El Gris Zoff; Willow Fisher (London, U.K.); Belle Doberman; Chiara Mandel (Italy); Cricket Salviati (San Diego, CA); Dust Cassavetes; Kippy Johnson; Rachel Gonzales (San Bernardino, CA); Tana Rae Tanner (Savannah, GA) ; Coco Deman (France); Al Ryan; Roo Pringle (London, U.K.) Biddie Cat Salsberg (Washington, D.C.) ; Milla DeMillis ;(Italy); Maureen Birch (Pittsburgh, PA); Sasha Koen (Serbia) Bonnie Vasseur (Santa Cruz, CA); Tibbles Catt; Birgir von Cat; Boris Kitty (Reading, PA); Pookey Lou (Edmonton, Canada); Muffin Bergeron (Montreal, Canada);Toby Poppy n Finn; Lisa Monzon; Socks Overend-Tunnicliffe (Sheffield, U.K.) Fufi Cricchi (Italy); Buzz Edens; Woody Edens: Lb Meowie (Cincinatti OH); Sissy and Boots Lavrisa (Savannah, GA); Patrizia Anzani (Italy) Christine Harris (Manchester U.K.); Lenore Elena Sabal (Philadelphia, PA); Fiona Lickorish (U.K.); Dennielle Denni Lindquist (Vancouver, BC); Carol Leblanc (Hamilton, Ontario); Tara ‘tiger’ Alahmadi (Northumbria, U.K.); Pat Franke (Suffolk Cty, N.Y.); Evelyn Murphy (Dallas, TX); Zoe Lindquist; Paulette Steeves (Binghamton, NY); Amanda Konzelman (Toronto, Ontario) Mai Laing Fenwick; Suzanne Hutchinson (Newcastle, U.K.) Heidi Poels; Ivano Rosso Gatto: Sue Maring (Ottawa Ontario); Sabrina Kitty (Sarasota, FL); Judith ScaryCat (Atlanta, GA); Shelda Dudley (Springfield, MO); Jude Pewperlittle (Fort Wayne, IN); Emily Cat; Ercole Gatto; Pénélope Raphanel-Redon; Chubs Oakes (Greensboro, NC); @Herbie_Cat (U.S.); Little Bear, Zena  & Pandora (U.S.)’ @grrlysquirrel (U.S.); Piddle and Purrs in Georgia; Cory and his seven friends from Cory Cat blog.Cesar and Simba (in Savannah, GA); The Kitty Krew: Bugsy, Sassy, Callie, Roxy and Pixie (Texas, U.S.); Patty Skypants and Bhu in (MO, U.S.);Titi, Uma and Maude (@KM_Zencat)@JinJindoggie;@Sidthecatahoula; @Pixeldoggie Bibiana in Brazil; Lyra in Savannah:Lucy Gooey in PA;@Thesheltercat; @MrDarcy_UK; @Staffpurrson ;@MrScrubby; @GabrielAngels @JennyRosepetal;  Mogli, Laila & Pampam.


Peace * Paix * Frieden * Vrede * Pace * Paz


Bruce said...

Thank you again Alley & Confucius for another awesome purr 4 peace. We could feel the love even stronger this week!
your friends,
Bruce the cat & Sharon

Confucius Cat said...

Thank you Bruce. Purrs2 U and Sharon

Unknown said...

GRRRR ! It was great!