Sunday, July 12, 2009

Purrs 4 Peace: Week 5 Thanks

6:03 p.m. Stop purring. 

I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your purrs. 

I believe the first to respond to my call for purrs in WEEK ONE of this project was the beautiful (inside and out) Mog “Mogliavelli” Lickorish and her wonderful human staff (Female and Male) in the U.K. Mog very kindly gave me permission to include her photo (at the left here) from which you can tell she is very regal as well as generous and loving. 

Mog had a difficult time in her earlier years and was not treated as she deserved. All changed when she found and rescued her Staff. They obviously recognized a good thing when they saw it and submitted to her orders immediately. Although she says she is still trying to train them, they obviously dote on her as is her catly due. She rules over what sounds like an excellent territory that includes outside perches and indoor luxury. Thank you so much Mog and Staff for your fierceness for peace, particularly to the animals of this world. 

Mog can be followed on Twitter @MogliavelliMog

The list of purrticipants is growing fast and long, please forgive me if I have somehow missed your name (or worse... misspelled it). Let me know, however, since I want to thank you personally:  

ChocolateRajah (Australia); Kit Oakes (Averett); Ashlee Lee (Toronto, Ontario); Heidi Poels; Mandy Lekitkat Ristow (South Africa); JoanDakis Mierzwa (Atlanta, GA); BootBlack WhiskerPants; Buu Vaughn (Louisville, Kentucky); Ciribi Bel (Italy); Belle Doberman; Chiara Mandel (Germany); Baron Von Cat; Jesus Cat; Cricket Salviati (SanDiego, CA); Michelle Knight; Dust Cassavetes; Luke Screenwalker (Cedar Rapids, IA); Shenaenae Reilly;

Kippy Johnson; Mara Beštija and her family (Serbia); Carlzy Hutchings (London); Fur Ball (London) Willi R. Mccluney; Al Ryan; Roo Pringle (London); Biddie Cat Salsberg (Washington, D.C.); Maureen Birch (Pittsburgh, PA); Sasha Koen (Serbia) Bonnie Vasseur (Santa Cruz, CA); Tibbles Catt; Cats Meow; Elvis Fleksnes (Norway); Birgir von Cat; Ebony-May Cowie (Newcastle, U.K.); Basil Anthony Blencowe (West Midlands, U.K.); Muffin Bergeron (Montreal, Canada); Toby Poppy ‘n’ Finn; Lisa Monzon; Mousie Kitteh; Socks Hercules Overend-tunnicliffe (Sheffield, U.K.); Tiddles Coveney (Liverpool, U.K.); Herbie Cat; Ercole Gatto; Beth Hellings (Philadelphia, PA) Cats Blackie (California, U.S.); George Crow (London, U.K.);Emily Cat; Bas Tet Sab; Bigpuss Crow (Heaven); Judith ScaryCat (Atlanta, GA); Poppy Winston Charliecat Pallatina; Rindu Vestryriza; Stewart Catman; Lb Meowie (Cincinnati, OH); Patches Meow Cat; Ashlee Meow; Jo Macro (London); Fiona Licorish (U.K.); Mogliavelli Mog (U.K.); Caroline Ashall; Miagolina Rossi (Italy); Antonella Beatriz (Chile); Lenore Elena Sabal (Philadelphia U.S.); Woody Edens; Diana Edens (Houston, TX); Buzz Edens; Patrizia Anzani (Italy); Gaye-puss Jackson-Britten (London, U.K.); Skem Cat; Baguera Haskoucet; Dominik Tanguay (Montreal, Canada); Randee Rosenzweig (New York, U.S.); Susan Hastings and her pets (Minnesota, U.S.); Katie Janet Tunnicliffe (U.K.); Leigh Raglan (Chicago, U.S.); Britt Johnson and her 10 cats (West Midlands, U.K.); Arsène Le Pépère in France; JinJin Doggy;Javatyger; Lyracat; Bruce the cat in Florida; Sam and Andy in Texas; Vladimir the Cat; Julier  (Oregon, U.S.); The Kitties at Our Family Cat-a-Blog (Michigan, U.S.); Mousie Kitteh (Hamilton, NZ); Bobbi Mccluney; Feria Chan in Hong Kong with her eleven cats (China); @JoannaV40; @Bodybychocolate; @BunnyJeanCook; Pasta_the_cat; @mozartdane; @MedusaJ; Beth Hellings;@prmros (Fiji); @Katieboocat; @RustytheCat; @Danapixie; Kat5resue; @BunnyJeanCook; @meghanlamb; Chubs Oaks (N.C., U.S.); Herbie Cat (Maryland, U.S.);@PKtheCat; Norwood  @Norwoodsworld(honorary cat); @Morriscat (Scotland); @BigFatLuckyCat; @Mulder_Cat;@Southbaygirl Velcro & Kodack (S. Calif, U.S.); @Chattemuse (heaven); Cheshire Kitten (Texas, U.S.);TamTam Johansen-Anderson (Italy); Marie Cat-Harbec;@Maurice_the_cat & Kajsa; Lopy; Patsy Ng; Sonny Kirk; KC (BunnyJean’s brother);@Scully_Cat; @MuffinandBean; @SidtheCatahoula; @ThePresbyCat; SachaHoward

Peace * Paix * Frieden * Vrede * Pace * Paz

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Bruce said...

Congratulations on another awesome purrs 4 peace:)
Thank you,
Bruce the cat:)