Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Movie Review - The Proposal

Romantic Comedy is the perfect Friday night kind of film.  You laugh, you feel the love...it's nice. The Proposal with Sandra Bullock fulfilled the Romantic Comedy criteria:

1. Heroine you love. Sandra is always loveable...although in this one she doesn't start out that way. Instead, she's a very unlikable boss. But you know pretty quickly she's going to undergo a change. 
2. Handsome hero. Ryan Reynolds is appropriately hunky.
3. Comedic antics. Particularly the scenes with the exotic dancer and the "post shower" were quite funny.
4.  Quirky secondary characters.  One word: Betty White...Okay that's two words. But she was fantastically funny. And she's an animal lover. What's not to adore there.
5. Animals. Here I have a problem. The family pet was a cutie pie dog. Come on Hollywood. What a cliche. Why not a cute cat. We cats are much more adorable and emotive.  

The Proposal was a fun night at the movies. Sure it was predictable. We, the audience, knew where this story was going, but we definitely enjoyed the journey. 

I give it three meows.

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Sam and Andy said...

Thanks for the review of The Proposal......mom is putting it on her Netflix list, so eventually we'll get to see it also.