Sunday, October 25, 2009

Purrs 4 Peace Week 20: No more prejudice in animal adoption

Every animal deserves a loving home...even the black ones.

In the animal world discrimination is rampant. Black dogs are less likely to be adopted than white ones. Black cats, are disproportionately more likely to be euthanized than other colors because they are not adopted. Some shelters suspend adoption of black cats around Halloween because those cats might be adopted for the wrong reasons. All this seems to relate to ridiculous fears and myths. Apparently, superstition can get you killed.... especially if you’re a black cat.

Some bad luck superstitions about black cats:
* Having a black cat turn its back on you.
* Scaring or driving away a black cat from your property.
* Walking under a ladder after a black cat has walked underneath it.

Meeting a black cat early in the morning.

Some thought the black cat associated with witchcraft or evil....ridiculous.

Some lesser known good luck superstitions:

* Possessing a black cat.
* Having a black cat greet you at a door.
* Having a black cat enter your home.
* Meeting three black cats in succession.
* Touching a black cat.

In Britain and Japan, if a black cat crosses your path, it’s good luck. In the U.S. and some other European countries, it’s bad luck.

A black cat crossing your path signifies that the animal is going somewhere.” - Groucho Marx.

I’m with Groucho. Let’s purr away prejudice and fear and give black cats - and cats of every other color- the love they deserve....Oh and don’t forget the dogs.

Purrrrr, purrrr, purrrrr,

Purrrrr, purrrr, purrrrr, purrrrr, purrrr, purrrr, purrrrr, purrrr, purrrrr, purrrr, purrrrr... Inside you love and compassion grows as the lava builds inside the volcano. Molten love and compassion flowing through you and then into the universe.

Purrrrr, purrrr, purrrr, purrrrr, purrrr, purrrrr, purrrr, purrrrr, purrrrr, purrrr, Purring.... See that love and compassion touching each and every suffering animal, soothing their pain, comforting their fears.

Purrrrrrrrrrrrrr. With your purrs speak to the hearts of all who are meant to provide homes. Your purrs are leading and guiding them to find their homeless furry children.

Purrrr, purrrrr, purrrr, purrrrr, purrrr, purrrrr, purrrrr, purrrr, purrrr,

Purrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. Imagine every cat and dog living in a loving, safe and nurturing home.

Purrrrrrrrrrrr all superstitions about black cats are erased. Imagine all black cats recognized as the blessed creatures they are.

Purrrrr, purrrr, purrrrr, purrrr, purrrrr, purrrrr, purrrr, purrrr, purrrrr, purrrr, ........... purr compassion, purr protection, purr safety, purr adoption, purr belonging, purr love, purr peace.

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