Sunday, December 6, 2009

Purrs 4 Peace Week 26: Who cares about the "rain in Spain"? It's the dogs who matter.

When a man wantonly destroys one of the works of man we call him a vandal. When he destroys one of the works of god we call him a sportsman. ~Joseph Wood Krutch

Many of you along with me have been shocked and disturbed by the information on the suffering of the Spanish Greyhounds aka Galgos. And it should not be forgotten that the Ibizan Hound (aka Podencos are also used in Spain for hunting and meet the same barbaric fates as the Greyhounds unless rescued.

Heaven is by favor; if it were by merit your dog would go in and you would stay out. Of all the creatures ever made [man] is the most detestable. Of the entire brood, he is the only one... that possesses malice. He is the only creature that inflicts pain for sport, knowing it to be pain. ~Mark Twain

What can we do to help?

First, Some humans understand only greed. Therefore, I urge everyone to go to the following link and send a message to Spanish politicians that your tourists dollars will not be spent in their country while these barbaric practices are allowed to continue.

URGENT: Tortured Spanish Greyhounds Need Your Voice |

Second, support the organizations that advocate against this cruelty, and those that seek to place these gentle dogs in loving homes such as the following: (Galgo Rescue International Network aka GRIN)

Ibizan hound rescue

Third, we can purrrrrr.

2:59 p.m. Get ready to Purrrrrrrr.


3:00 P.M.

Confucius Cat say: GO!

Purrrrringgggggggg....Feel the power of purrs, compassion, love and peace building inside you.

Purrrrrrr.....Feel the power of love and compassion and peace expode into the universe.

Purrrrrrrring....See that power soothing the pain, easing the suffering of the Galgos (Spanish Greyhounds) and Podencos

Purrrrrr...Direct your purrs into every human, inspiring love and respect for dogs and for all animals on the planet.

Purrrrrrrrr....Imagine the headlines: Spanish government bans use of dogs in hunting.

Purrrrrrrrrr.... See every Galgo and Podenco adopted by compassionate humans.

Purrrrrrrrrrr, purrrrrrrrrrrr, purrrrrr See every dog on the planet nurtured in a loving and safe home.

Purrrrr, purrrr, purrrrr, purrrrr, purrrr, purrrr, purrrrr, purrrr, purrrrr, purrrr, purrrrr,


Peace * Paix * Frieden * Vrede * Pace * Paz * Shalom * Salaam * Om Shanti * Heddwch * Síochán


Anonymous said...

As much as I like Spaniards, I cannot and will never understand their position towards the cruelty to these animals. Just as I do not understand bullfights. I have seen interviews where apparently their point of view is slowly changing. Good for them, but unfortunately not nearly quick enough. Let's hope that more people get involved in educating us about this horrible cruelty. (Signed: Smokey8 fr Twitter)

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your post on the plight of the Galgos. One by one we must learn about them and what we can do to help. theis torture most be stopped!