Sunday, July 19, 2009

Thank you - Purrs 4 Peace Week 6

3:03 p.m. Stop purring. 

Here in week six of the project, I am again grateful for the cats (and honorary cats) who participate. I believe that if nothing else we are bringing awareness to the need for a more peaceful existence. My first reaction to violence against me or someone I love is to want to return the violence, but the more I see the extended consequences of giving into these visceral reactions, the more I am convinced that such a path can never be the right one. For peace to prevail we must practice peace. 

Almost since week one of this project Bruce the Cat (see photo at left) has been a supporter, Bruce has a fantastic blog called Bruce’s Paws ( with gorgeous photos and entertaining posts. Bruce says that he is named for racing legend, Bruce Leven since his “boss” used to be one of Leven’s crew chiefs. Bruce says he is always willing to lend a helping paw and that has certainly been true for Confucius Cat. Bruce has not only helped with Purrs 4 Peace by purring at the appointed time but also in helping to publicize the event in advance. Thank you Bruce. He can be followed on Twitter @BrucetheCat

The list of purrticipants is growing fast and long, please forgive me if I have somehow missed your name (or worse... misspelled it). Let me know, however, since I want to thank you personally:  

Agnes Straysalot; Marie Cat-Harbec; Bobbi Mccluney; Our family Cat-a-blog kitties; Kit Oakes (Averett); Heidi Poels; Terri Craig (Toronto, Canada); Mandy Lekitkat Ristow (South Africa); Natalie von Loenfeldt (U.S.); Gato El Gris Zoff; Willow Fisher (London, U.K.); Chiara Mandel (Germany); Baron Von Cat; Cricket Salviati (San Diego, CA); Dust Cassavetes; Luke Screenwalker (Cedar Rapids, IA); Neko Blue Russian (Venezuela); Britt Johnson and her 10 cats (West Midlands, U.K.); Arsène Le Pépère (France); JinJin Doggy;Javatyger;   Kippy Johnson; Mara Beštija and her family (Serbia); Carlzy Hutchings (London, U.K.); Willi Mccluney; Al Ryan (Wales, U.K.); Christin Harris (Manchester, U.K.); Roo Pringle (London, U.K.); Biddie Cat Salsberg (Washington, D.C.); Milla DeMillis (Italy); Maureen Birch (Pennsylvania, U.S.); Sasha Koen (Serbia); Barbara Feline; Bonnie Vasseur (Santa Cruz, CA); Mog Likorish (U.K.); Sooty Surtees; Elvis Fleksnes (Norway); Birger von Cat; Pookey Lou (Edmonton, Canada); Muffin Bergeron (Montreal, Canada); Toy Poppy ‘n’ Finn; Merlin Cat (Sheffield, U.K.); Socks Hercules Overend Tunnicliffe (Sheffield, U.K.); Herbie Cat (Maryland, U.S.); Ercole Gatto; Fifi Prettypaws; Cats Blackie (California, U.S.); George Crow (London, U.K.); Chabichou Libis (France); Emily Cat; Bas Tet Sab; Judy Pewperlittle (Indiana, U.S.); Tippy Kat; Bigpuss Crow (Heaven); Chubs Oaks (North Carolina, U.S.); Thistle ‘Tabs’cat Johnson (West Midlands, U.K.); Jasmine ‘Jazzy’ Johnson (West Midlands U.K.); Thomas Johnson (West Midlands, U.K.); Smokes Squeezyt Johnson (West Midlands, U.K.); Brittany Bazemore;Caroline Rosebery; Marie Wilkes (Sheffield, U.K.); Eric Robertson; Cathy Troy Bailey, Blaze, Solo and Itty Bitty Kitty; Bill Koukmenides (Australia); Sparky Earnest MacDonald (South Africa) Diana Edens (Texas, U.S.); Silja Larsen; Sparky Cat (Kentucky, U.S.); Emma-Charlie Cat (London, U.K.); Fiona Lickorish (U.K.); Buzz Edens; Jo Macro (London, U.K.) Gui Nness; Galushka Rediviva (Spain); Debbie ‘Lawton’ Mildenstein (Newcastle, U.K.); Woody Edens; Alicia Lestat; Caroline Ashall; Lenore Elena Sabal (Pennsylvania, U.S.); Colin Redmond (Ireland); Karla Moore (Iowa, U.S.); Patrizia Anzani (Italy); Chunks Mather (Weymouth, U.K.); Pinky, Ash & Boo (U.S.); Basil Anthony Blencowe (West Midlands, U.K.); BootBlack WhiskerPants; @Pasta_the_cat; Dominik Tanguay (Montreal, Canada); Janet Carleton and Mozartdane (West Virginia, U.S); Keiko and Luna T Katt (Connecticut, U.S.); @CheshireK; @orangecatblues; Karyn and the 24 cats and 40 kittens of animeals; The Sanjee and the hotties @Hotmbc; @BrucetheCat; The Cyclone Cats; DazeyJesseConner Cloud and their family; KC; @JoannaV40; @Aclockworktoad; @smudgebestcat; @norwoodsworld; Feria Chan in Hong Kong with her eleven cats (China); Topaz and her mummy @grrlysquirrel; @Maurice_the_cat & Kajsa; The Island Cats (Michigan, U.S.); Christine Harris (Manchester, U.K.);Lopy; Micco Huginn; Kritter Kommunity; Skizzetto Felis (Italy); @Kitty_rescue; @prmros (Fiji); Lao Tzu, Confucious, Professor, Mencius and Felix @KittyBoutique; @Kat5rescue; @victortabbycat (Wisconsin, U.S.); @RRcatty (Oklahoma, U.S.); @MedusaJ (U.K.); @ChatteMuse (heaven); @JessieBrewer & Ophelia; @Tweetiepie54; @Quark2; @theSpatzCat; @omystarsanbones;@cokiethecat; @MizzBassie; @CJdoggirl; @catbirddog; @CelestiaKat; @Iammitchthecat;Imajackrussell; @meghanlamb; @Dewey_Cat;@PixelDoggy;@BuzzLucas; @Maurice_the_cat; Toby, Poppy n Finn and Sonny Kirk (U.K.); Minnie Minx; Shelda Dudley;Lisa Monzon and family; Dewey_cat

Peace * Paix * Frieden * Vrede * Pace * Paz


Dewey_Cat said...

Not only I've started on this purrfect project, but now, each I purr, I think of it !


Gemini and Ichiro said...

We purred but the Woman wasn't home to comment at noon.

Cheysuli and Gemini

Bruce said...

Thank you Alley & Confucius, but you two are the ones we should thank. If it wasn't for you, we wouldn't be getting together for such a noble cause. So I stand up & give the two of you a round of applause!
your friend,
Bruce the cat:)

Reese =^..^= said...

I was purring.

Cindy said...

How do I get in on this Purring?