Monday, June 1, 2009

History Worships the Cat

It has come to my attention in studying history that the Egyptians worshipped the cat...and why wouldn't ya? In fact, black cats-like me- were considered good luck. BAST was an Egyptian goddess and many courted the favor of the goddess by procuring black cats for their household. Egyptians apparently believed that the BAST would become part of that cat in spirit and therefore their household would prosper. Coooool.  Egyptians even mummified cats.  Mummy cats?  Now that's going a bit too far.

There are other examples of cats well loved in history. For example Sir Isaac Newton so loved his cat-a cat with an incessant desire to be let in and out-that the scientist invented the cat flap door. 

A medieval King of Wales, Hywel Dda (meaning 'the good') passed legislation making it illegal to kill or harm a cat. Gotta love a King like that.

Marie Antoinette loved her Angora cats so much that 6 were bundled onto a ship and sent to Maine in the United States. Marie wasn't so lucky. Not too long after, she was beheaded in the French Revolution. According to legend her Angoras mated with local cats and created the beautiful Main Coon breed of cat- of which I am an illustriously gorgeous member.

Charles I, King of England in the 1600s, owned a black cat he loved. When the cat died Charles is quoted as saying "Alas my luck is gone." The next day he was arrested and charged with treason. He was later beheaded.

Hmmmm. Two rulers beheaded after their cats left them.  I better warn my mummy. I've got some extensive leverage to bargain for extra cat treats.  

Anyway, the cat is a special creature who deserves-if not worship- to be treated with respect, love and care. I think everyone reading this post would fit into the category of person who already treats their cats and other furry souls with kindness (if not worship)...but I bet all of you know of those who don't.  Those bad people better watch out.  If history is anything to go by, they got a serious beat down coming down the Karma pipeline.

Confucius Cat say: walk like an least when it comes to treating cats with the respect they deserve. 


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