Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Lately, I've been particularly touchy about the front door. Whenever it opens, or is about to open from the inside, I run as far and as fast as I can...up the stairs, to the kitchen, under the sofa. All places I know will prevent me from ending up outside after that door closes again.

Why do I have such a fear of the outside...no...fear of going outside. I think it's post traumatic kitty stress disorder. I have flashbacks to when, as a tiny kitten, I was thrown with my sister Pieface into the wilds of South Carolina to live in a tree knoll at the Old Sheldon Church Cemetery. The memory isn't clear. All I know for sure is that I was cold, wet, hungry, and in danger from the wild animals and from the cars zipping past on the nearby street. I'm not certain how long we were there, Pieface and I, living on bugs in that tree knoll until I spotted my mummy and my aunt. I came out of hiding and stood at the gate of the cemetery. In the spot pictured above.

There was just something about my mummy.... I knew right away she was mine. It took her a lot longer to succumb to my wiles. I wanted to go with them right then, but my sister Pieface urged me not to. She was a lot more afraid of people and - let's be honest- more capable of surviving on her own in the wild. So we ran from mummy and Aunt Jacqui. Later, Aunt Jacqui came back with Tana (now one of our bestest friends in the whole world). It was Tana who managed to grab me first and then the faster moving Pieface. And Tana still has the scar on her thigh from Pieface's bite to show as a souvenir.

My mummy dotes on me. To her I am the sweetest, most handsome cat in the whole world, but still....when that door opens I become afraid that I'll somehow end up outside and in the world I knew before mummy and before my cushy housebound existence. I get all the food, water, toys, temperature control, soft sheets and LOVE a cat could want. Old Sheldon Church cemetery is beautiful....but to me my home is the most wonderful place in the world.

Confucius Cat say: No thing or place can be as wonderful as a home where you are loved.


Angel Ginger Jasper said...

That is quite understandable after what you went through.. I am sure that given time you will start to be more easy and know that it will always be good from now on.. Hugs GJ xx

Bruce said...

Thank you for sharing this nice story with us Confucius...now I have something very nice to dream about tonight:)