Thursday, June 18, 2009

Cat Flag Signals

Lately I've been studying flags - Cat flags. You know what I mean. A cat's flag is his tail. 

Some cat flags are sleek, with short hair and a point at the end. Some are curled into the shape of question marks or internet punctuation. Mine is luxuriously, lusciously full of long poofy hair and makes the tail look thicker than my leg.

Then there is flag position. The cat flag can fly at full when I am proudly striding through my domain, surveying all, controlling all. The cat flag may also be completely lowered as when the cat is watching but has not yet spotted anything of interest. The lowered flag begins to twitch and swish in a kind of morse code that says: "I've spotted prey...leave me alone." Then there is the half mast position of full out running as the cat dashes through its territory chasing prey....or nothing at all

To summarize, Confucius Cat say: you can tell the tale of a cat by its tail.


Bibliopet said...

Fab! You are obviously great what with that plume of a tail n'all.
(I love fluffy black cats.)

Bruce said...

I recently did a post on important parts of a cat did not include the tail. Well, I had quite a few comments on my lack of information, so I directed them over to you since this is such a good post on tails. Hope you don't mind!
Bruce the cat:)