Saturday, June 27, 2009

Super Caterday

Today is Super Caterday!

You cats out there might say: "Confucius. Every day is a super day for cats." And you would be right. But only Saturday has the advantage of being a day when most humans are off work and can putter about the house lingering on your every move, every cute expression. They are there to fulfill your every need and wish. If you're entertaining enough they won't even go out for errands.

Sunday just isn't as good. Sure, most humans don't go to work on Sunday.  But they tend to want to linger in bed. Read the paper. Sure you can enjoy cuddling with them on the bed but they aren't up and about catering to you, you, YOU. Then a lot of them go off to church and where are you? (That was rhetorical. I know your left at home and don't go to church.) 

So enjoy Super Caterday. Put on your cape, strap on your jet pack and fly.

Purr on my cat people!


♥Mimi♥ said...

Yes, Caturday is a purr-ty good day. Momma seems a little more relaxed an' spends more time wif us.

Karen Jo said...

Caturday is a great day for cats, unless the beans go an a cleaning frenzy or something.

Angel Ginger Jasper said...

Hi thanks for dropping by my blog, I love visitors..

Mum got the post done just before going to work, so its up.. Mentioned the purring for peace wee. Mum thinks that is so good.. Hope lots drop by to see you and do the peace week too..

Hugs GJ xx