Sunday, June 21, 2009

ProjecT PURRS FOR PEACE- Thank you! - Week 2

3:03 p.m. Stop purring....if you want to.

On this second week of the Purrs for Peace project, it may not seem so, but I believe the purrs of all of our participating cats and honorary cats are creating the atmosphere of calm and love this world needs.  The opposite of hate is love. The opposite of violence is calm. Peace is the confluence of love and calm. Thank you all. In particular I want to thank the following: 

Mogliavelli Lickorish in Hereford (U.K.); PersianKittyCat in Australia; Kant De BoisleDuc in Canada; Kitkat in South Africa; Emacs G in Utah (U.S.); Stella and Virgil in Denver (U.S.); Bas Tet Sab;  Carlzy Hutchings in London (U.K.); Feria Chan in Hong Kong (China); Mara Beštija and her family in Serbia; Luke Screenwalker in Iowa (U.S.); Neko Blue Russian in Venezuela; Mousie Kitteh in Hamilton (New Zealand); Shenaenae Reilly Portland, Oregon (U.S.); Joey Fritsch in Minnesota (U.S.), Lisa Monzon’s cats in Colorado (U.S.); The Island Cats in Michigan (U.S.); Four Kitties from the Our family cat blog in Michigan (U.S.); Sanjee and the rest of the Hotties in the U.S.; Figaro the therapy cat in Indiana (U.S.); Dominik Tanguay (honorary cat) in Montreal (Canada); Connie Pitts family in the California and Arizona(U.S.); Funnybunny in the U.S.; Busby (Bee Chilly and Tiki Tallulah Belle in the U.S.; Kirsten Chappell’s cats (@bdgrlaw) in Wash D.C. (U.S.); MedusaJ in Liverpool, (U.K.); Orpheus Rochester, NY (U.S.); Bec Thompson’s 4 cats in Sydney (Australia); Ladycat3 in Wisconsin (U.S.); Indy the Tiger in N. California (U.S.); Loki (@orangecatblue); Mozart Dane (honorary cat) in Ohio (U.S.); Hans (@hanseebundee)(honorary cat); Norwood (@norwoodsworld) (honorary cat) in Maine (U.S.); Donna Thompson (@beaglelover1200) in Delaware U.S.); Mac and Fuzcat in Missouri (U.S.); Bruce the cat in Florida (U.S.); Gabby’s cats West Coast (U.S.); George Crow in Ramsgate (U.K.), Talley Martin in Wisconsin (U.S.); Morris in the U.S.; and last but not least Bigpuss Crow.

More thanks to the cats of Mary La Ferlita in Italy, Diamond and Saphire in Minnesota (U.S.); Mew McKay in Canada; Renoir Fausti Vallerignani in Italy; Arsène Le Pépère in France, Campbell Chat-Pouik in France.  If I have missed anyone please forgive me.  I very much appreciate each and every purr. My luv to you all.

Peace * Paix * Frieden * Vrede * Pace * Paz


Unknown said...

I tried to purr but it came out a bark at 3pm today. I hope it still counts!

Bruce said...

I think that we CAN make a difference! Thank you for putting this together! I'm ready & willing to do it again next week!??