Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Ecology minded Cat

With the problems faced by the earth today, even cats have to be "into" ecological concerns.  All of the food containers my cat slave uses for instance have to be recyclable.  And I don't drink bottled water...although I do insist on filtered.  I have no problem with sharing a whole house with my cat slave (she's a pretty good mommy after all). I even conserve natural resources by allowing the canine housemate to reside with us.  
All in all, I'm doing my part for planet earth. 

And when I consider all the advancements of science, even though there are dire predictions about global warming and the melting of the polar icecaps, etc, I think that top scientists and entrepreneurs will come up with ways of making our planet livable into the foreseeable future.  But I'm not certain I see much hope for a couple of other commodities in the world today: (1) intelligence and (2) common sense.  

While there are many brilliant folks (many cats among them), there are an increasing number of people who act quite dumb.  Research says that indeed the average IQs of human beings is decreasing.  So there is objective evidence of the jeopardy in which intelligence finds itself.  And common sense has disappeared almost totally.  For proof of this see any television reality show you want to choose. The earth can't survive if the people on it lose these two valuable commodities.

So Confucius Cat say: Do your part to help planet earth.  Conserve two of our most precious natural resources. Intelligence and common sense are in dangerously short supply.

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