Saturday, April 18, 2009


Most of the time my cat slave is very good about keeping my house quiet and warm (or cool depending on the season) so that my sleep is not interrupted unnecessarily.  But on occasion, noise breaks out when my cat slave shouts at the television about something called politics...which apparently involve tea. 

What does tea.....Never mind.  I digress. 

The anger of the cat slave not only interrupts sleep but can interrupt cat services.  So I've been pondering the issue of politics.  From what I can tell there are lots of people who disagree about a lot of things and some of them believe and act pretty stupidly in support of their politics.  None of them seem to be able to convince each other of anything.  Logic seems to have very little to do with it.   In the world of the cat, it all seems fairly silly.  

My advice to all you humans is stop arguing about politics.  Go home and stroke your cats. Throw in some oogly love words and some cat treats. There now, doesn't all that cat love feel better than fighting about tea? 

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