Friday, April 24, 2009

CANINE CHRONICLES - Part One: In defense of torture.

Confucius Cat say: Love your enemies...except that canine living in your house. You CAN torture dogs. But not with water. I hate water. 

The bible says to love your enemies.  I agree with that in theory.  But I'm pretty sure it doesn't mean you have to love the dog that's horning in on your space.  That canine housemate that you can't get rid of. You don't have to "love" that dog do you?  No, there's a little known exception to the "love" requirement when it comes to cats and dogs.

Think about it.  You can find proof of the exception in the fact that the cat and the dog have been warring over the same homeland for thousands of years of domesticity. More proof exists in the world of cartoons stereotypes which depict the exception over and over.  There was even a major motion Hollywood motion picture a few years ago called "Cats and Dogs" that contained this exception as its basic theme.  Case closed: cats can torture dogs.  

And most important the "torture" gets results.  My canine housemate ALWAYS moves off the sofa when I unleash my claws. And I have to say that the dog actually benefits when I torture it.  My mommy picks up the canine.  Oohs and Aahs.  Gives out kisses.  The canine even gets a dog treat.  Mmmm treat.  So you could say it's mutually beneficial.  

So in the great question of torturing dogs?  I'm okay with it.  

More tomorrow in Part Two.

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