Monday, April 20, 2009


Whenever the wind whips up and rain starts falling like little hammers on my house, the National Weather Service adds to the upset by a panicky storm warning.  First comes the brakish noise of the siren bell (apparently meant to make us pay attention to the television screen) and if that doesn't freak out me and my canine housemate, then comes the scary mechanical man voice and his announcement that we should be freaked out because there's a storm (or a tornado coming). 

I realize this is all probably some plan by the humans to protect each other, but to me it just makes the disruption of a storm worse and more scary.  If my human doesn't hurry and mute the television when one of these announcements comes on, the canine quivers and I have to jump off my comfortable sofa and hide underneath.  Can't these humans find a way to improve a storm instead of make it worse?

Confucius cat say: responding to a problem with panic is like seeding the clouds in a storm.  But responding with calm is like putting up an umbrella.   And the calm part will lead to more cat kisses from your baby.  

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Anonymous said...

Very wise Confucius Cat.