Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Cats vs. Technology

Confucius Cat say: Dog who chases mouse wants to be a cat. Cat who chases mouse wants to play with the computer.

There are so many video clips on Youtube featuring cats apparently confused by technology. Cats attacking printers, laying on keyboards, twitching in time to sounds. Are my feline brethren truly so clueless? No. I shall clear-up this major misunderstanding even if to do so will reveal a species secret. These cats are not confused, they are humoring their humans. The cats in these videos are jesters who want to please their cat slaves. Such behavior enhances the services provided and leads to more cat treats, more play time and other incentives. Your cat is smarter than you think.

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Anonymous said...

Dear Ally,
You and I have never met, but I would LOVE to lick your face. I try to get close to and touch cats all the time but my human mommy won't let me. She spoils ALL my fun. I guess I just want to find out what the difference is between cats and dogs (I'm a dog - actually a beautiful yorkie).
So...I'll ask my mom if I can meet you someday.
With lots of love and licks,