Saturday, April 25, 2009

CANINE CHRONICLES -Part Two: Morality tales from American Idol

It occurs to me that perhaps my post yesterday was too extreme.  Too black and white.  Yes, I still believe you should love your enemies like the bible says.  But if I've learned anything from American Idol and other reality television it is that you should be hypercritical of everybody else. 

So Confucius Cat say:  Lesson from Am Idol-your opinion matters more if you are mean at least 90% of the time...preferably with british accent.

I think this is why it works for me to be mix up my mean with a little bit of sugar in my treatment of the canine housemate.  Think Simon Cowell with a tail.  I achieve about a 70% claws to 30% kisses ratio.  (I've tried to get to the 90% but no luck yet). 
I am both good cop and bad cop all rolled into one gorgeous ball of fur.
But even with this imperfect ratio my niceness is appreciated all the more by the dog and by my mommy.  She thinks I'm just wonderful when if I give the dog a little snogging (british word-imagine accent here).  If I follow it up with a little snuggling pounce treats follow.  

Mmmmm. Pounce treats.  Suddenly, I'm hungry.  

Tomorrow is part three of the Canine Chronicles with our guest blogger: Zelda, the canine housemate.

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Anonymous said...

Bloody right, Confucius Cat.