Thursday, April 16, 2009


Confucius Cat say: generosity of spirit costs no money.  Cat toys are expensive...but well worth the price.  

The following example is an illustration of this principle.  Today, as I was lounging in the hall grooming my luxurious fur coat, the dog walked by within paw reach.  And although I have repeatedly communicated to my cat slave (aka: owner) that this dog is an interloper who should be forced to move out of my house, I was generous and did not claw or bite the dog.  I was then presented with an excellent new cat toy.  Thus, for all you cats (and kittens) contemplating violence against your canine housemates, consider the potential rewards of generosity of spirit before you strike.   

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Donna Shea said...

Ah, yes, you are wise, Confucious Cat. Know, too, that generosity of money costs spirit.
I know not what I say, but I sure am damn cute!
Pierre Le Chat