Monday, May 11, 2009

Storm and Punishment

Confucius Cat say: when storm clouds come into your life, don't hide under the bed...or pee on the carpet.

My mummy went crazy today.  I don't say it was without reason. But more about that in a bit.

There was a thunderstorm that boomed and crashed around us.  Rain pummeled the windows and roof.  Such events can be scary for pets.  It seems like at any second this unexplained noise will burst into the house to do us bodily harm.  

I met this challenge with my usual aplomb...I hid under the bed.  Okay, okay. I could have continued to lay on the sofa, but I wasn't quite that calm.  However, the canine housemate was beside herself.  She shook.  She quaked.  She jumped onto the sofa. She begged to be picked up onto the sofa.  She ran into the living room. She ran into the family room.  Mummy got increasingly agitated. 

Finally, the coup de grâce: the canine peed on the living room rug.  Horrors. Mummy went insane. It was scarier than the storm.  But again I kept my cool.  I went from under the bed and ran to the living room and through the center of the pee.  (I was trying to make things better-really). 


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