Monday, May 4, 2009


Why is it that there is such a lack in the ability to show "respect" these days.  (I have a new pouch of Pounce treats for anyone that can give me the answer). 

Like the maintenance people in an office who leave it full of dust, mold and rat droppings from changing out a drop ceiling tile.  Or a person who feels it's okay to stop at a street corner and toss a bag of trash to the curb so that it dumps litter. Or the person who yells obscenities rather than giving a polite honk in traffic.  Or how about the total lack of civility in conversation...even from a waitress who has a vested interest in being nice because of the anticipated tip.  

Or how about the politicians who not only can't agree on the right way to do things, but can't even be civil about their disagreement.  The trend is for a politician to treat the person who disagrees with him or her with vitriolic terms such as: un-american, socialist, communist, lunatic and fascist.  

The above are reported from my mommy.  But even in the world of the cat there is a significant lack of respect these days.  Like the cat who stands outside the door of my house and tries to get in and live here. (As if I'd let that happen) Or when the canine housemate insists on laying on the ottoman and I'm forced to bat her in the ears with my paws to get her to move.  Oops that last example doesn't make me look so respectful.  Forget about that example.  

If we all could just start the movement to increase respect on our individual levels maybe respect would spread. There could be miraculous results.  For instance, if there was worldwide mutual respect, how could wars continue. 

Anyway, it's my opinion that this world would be a much better place if we could all just respect one another.  And respecting each others property, opinions, health, etc., doesn't mean we have to give up our own rights or views.  

Confucius Cat say: demand respect without disrespecting others.  It is possible.  And it's what this world needs.  

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