Saturday, May 16, 2009

I coulda been SHELDON

What's in a name? 

My chosen name is Confucius Cat. The moniker implies I'm wise. Capable of giving great advice. Which is very true of me. I am the sagest of cats. 

My given name is Alley.  Implies tough but funny loving. Survivor of hard knocks. These are all true.  But I could have been named Sheldon.  My mummy and auntie found me (and my sister) living in a tree knoll in Old Sheldon church cemetery in South Carolina. But would I be the same wonderful cat if I'd been christened Sheldon?

Sheldon is a nerd. Sheldon does your taxes (per When Harry Met Sally). Sheldon is an intellectual. 

After some heavy thought I have concluded that I would be basically the same wondrous piece of gorgeousity as I am now had I been named Sheldon.

So-----Confucius Cat say: an Alley by any other name would still purr as sweet....but I'm still glad mummy didn't name me Sheldon.


Anonymous said...

My name IS Sheldon Church, and I'm a fine cat, thank you. My Mommie and Auntie Martha found me in the same tree knot where you had been hiding. It appears that Sheldon Church Ruins is not really a dumping ground for kittens but really an underground railroad for cats to escape from that hell hole called, South Carolina.

Confucius Cat said...

I hope you will see this response Sheldon. I love that you left me a note. I feel like we are siblings having come from the same tree. Underground railroad?...MOL. That is Perfect. I know that my mummy feels very lucky to have found me too. Confucius Cat

Oh by the way my mummy loves the name Sheldon. So I'm sure you are a fine cat. Purrs to you.

Confucius Cat said...

Sheldon if you stop back I hope you'll leave contact info. I'd love to see a photo of my tree knoll bro.