Thursday, May 14, 2009


When it comes to dinner, most of the time I favor tuna.  But when I've had tuna more than twice in a week I like a little variety.  So I need to choose between salmon and a mixture of chicken & liver.  

Today I was thrilled when my slave opened the salmon today.  Yum. Salmon has that lovely flaky consistency and the meow mix version has a tasty sauce.  And the color... appetizing.  I took a few bites and it was good but....  

I decided I would like to have the chicken and liver instead.  Chicken and liver (the meow mix version anyway) has little cubes of chicken together with chunks of liver in a brown livery sauce. Mmmmm.  

So I approached my slave and gave a few squeeky and plaintive miaows until she followed me to see what was wrong. Then I hopped up on the dining room table to show her.  Initially, she said I had to eat what was in front of me.  "I'm not going to open another one," she said.  

Then I turned my sad eyes on her and gave one lone mew.  She melted before my eyes.  I had chicken and liver before you could say chi...

So when it comes to entree choice my fellow cats, you don't have to make a choice.  You can have both...if your crafty.

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Meowers from Missouri said...

at least you gets stinky goodness; all we gets is the crunchy stuff. an' whatefur we can nick from the beans' plates;-)