Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Happy Birthday!

Confucius Cat says: Let them eat cake...birthday cake. Happy Birthday to me.

It's important that we...including cats... celebrate our birth. It is the single most thing for which we should be grateful, after all. Without our birth we would not enjoy the day-to-day wonders of living in this world. So our birthdays should be the best holiday of the year. We should insist on presents - Even if we give them to ourselves. And not necessarily presents that have a monetary cost. The present of a wonderful and heartfelt birthday wish can mean as much as a pouch of pounce treats.

I know, I know. Pounce treats are delicious..... But still I maintain that the even the yummy pounce treats can be matched by the gift of a joyously spent day or a kiss.

So, today I'm marking my fourth birthday by doing exactly as I please. I'm spending alot of time playing with my favorite toys, lounging on the cat condo in the sun, watching the birds...and getting special hugs and kisses from my mummy. And I'm remembering to thank my cat mommy who brought me into this world. For all the faults and traumas of my early days, without those bad days I wouldn't have the good ones I've enjoyed for the last three years and 10 months.

And yes....I did get a bag of pounce treats and a toy sea horse for my birthday, so I can't claim to be completely non-commercial.

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