Saturday, May 2, 2009

Welcome Home

My mommy came home yesterday from the conference (still not certain what that is).  I was so happy. I rubbed against her leg. Against her other leg. I jumped on the dining room table so I could get almost to the level of her face and mewed.  Then when she leaned toward me I nuzzled her face and licked it. 

I got strokes and kisses and loving words.  It was so wonderful that I ... forgot to be aloof as a punishment for her absence.  Crumbs! How is she going to learn not to misbehave by leaving me alone (not alone but....). How is she going to learn if I reward her when she comes back?

Oh well, the love feels better than aloof anyway.  I'll find another way to assert my cat superiority.  I'll think of something. 

Confucius Cat say it is better to stand with your misbehaving cat mommy, than to stand alone on principle. Mommies are warmer than principle.

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