Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Movie Review - Star Trek

This is Confucius Cat's first movie review.  For this auspicious occasion I have chosen the new blockbuster STAR TREK.

From the cat's perspective:    THE MOVIE SUCKS.   There were no cats in it at all.  What's with that?  A future without cats?  Who would want to live in such a universe.

From the human perspective:     THE MOVIE WAS GREAT.  While the young actors were able to catch the flavor (and even a number of the mannerisms) of the original series actors, they were not annoying mimics.  The script was written to entertain both avid fans (with many of the beloved lines made famous by the original series) and those who might never have seen the original (those who lived under a rock for the last 40 years).  The special effects were effective. Not too cartoonish.  Exciting.   

But back to the cat thing. What's with that J.J. ?  How come there are no animals on the Enterprise.  A crew needs a little nuzzling and purring after a hard day fighting Romulans.  I expect better in the sequel.

Four meows (woulda been five out of five if there had been cats).


Confucius Cat said...

Fabulous review. If I do say so myself.

Unknown said...

i agree alley, fabu!