Sunday, May 17, 2009

Movie Review - Angels and Demons

The second big blockbuster movie of the season opened last Friday: Angels and Demons.  The movie stars Tom Hanks so naturally I was excited to see it. I love him...although I can't recall any movies in which he starred which also featured a cat. In fact, it seems like he was a canine owner in "You've Got Mail".  But I digress.

The trailer for the movie indicated its plot revolved around an attack on something called the CAT-o-lick Church. Cats and licking and Tom Hanks.  What a great premise.  

And the movie was exciting. Fast paced and action packed.  And there was promise in the second murder.  Rats figured prominently.  Rats...not such good eating, but very good sport.

But midway through the film I became distressed. There were no cats. Not one. And there was no licking.  

I did allow myself to be distracted from the lack of licking cats by Tom, the fabulous action sequences, intricate plot and beautiful scenery of Rome.

But I do take issue with the marketing of this film.  This is one of those where you are led to expect one type of film and then get another.  The filmmakers should be cautioned that if you promise something in the trailer, you should deliver.

My conclusion is that Angels and Demons is an exciting action thriller for the entire family...but don't expect any cats or licking.

I give it: Three 1/2 meows. 

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Anonymous said...

Hmmm, read the book - conclusion was a few hours of my precious life wasted, there were no cats in that either. So now I find the film is cat free too don't think I will bother! Thanks Alley another amusing review and one that will save me some time! See you...Minx